Weight Loss, after the baby...

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Weight Loss, after the baby...

So I was thinking about should I have a work out plan or diet created to kick in after I give birth? In the Navy, you have 6 months to not only lose any weight to get back in standards but also pass your fitness test - I think I may have mentioned this already? Well before announcing that she is pregnant with her 2nd child - Beyonce had lost 50 or 60 pounds on some lettuce or cabbage diet and a treadmill. I dont know if that would be healthy while you are planning to breastfeed but I def plan to do something... I just wondered if anyone had a plan and if so, would you shar and are you also breastfeeding?

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That's a pretty extreme diet that I wouldn't even consider regardless if I was pregnant or not... You should look into the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. It's extremely healthy and you don't starve yourself! If you have six months and need to be in physical shape, as well, this diet will also assist in that! Check it out!

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Follow my GD diet :roll: I'm losing weight right now, pregnant. It's obviously safe for bf'ing as well if it's safe for pregnancy.

For me, I lose tons of weight right off the bat just by bf'ing, I know not everyone does but that's what it does for me. As with anything in life, moderation is the key, any diet that goes to an extreme probably isn't safe!

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I bf'd DS (who is now 2) and lost my weight very quickly. (my pre preg weight with DS was 167 at 5'7). I had gained likely 26-30 lbs with that pregnancy (and am on track to gain 5-10 more this time). I lost all my weight within only a few weeks and I was not exercising (I had problems with my stitches so was pretty laid up). I didn't really change my eating habits but I definitely had to eat middle of the night snacks (honey but Cheerios) because I was famished with the bf'ing. I started walking and hiking when DS was around 6weeks or so and then I joined bootcamp when he was 6 months old.
This time I plan to do much the same which is to say bf and continue to eat reasonably and to start walking the dog and kids as soon as I can. I also want to start bootcamp sooner - maybe three months.
One thing I was surprised by last time was that although I had been back to my pre preg weight for months I was unable to do a single sit up when I stared bootcamp 6 moths pp. I was shocked. And then I did a month of bootcamp with very committed healthy eating and I lost no weight or inches but I lost a lot of body fat. So try to take your bmi so you hav a meaure to help keep your spirits up as you work through losing the weight. Through my bootcampe with DS I got down to 159 (but gained weight once I went back to work so was at 171 at the start of preg #2). This time I want to get down to 155 and stay there!!!!
Good luck.

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:lurk: from late July

Since you're having twins, you're much more likely to have a diastasis (gap between the middle of the abs) after having the babies. Be sure to close that up before doing too much else involving your abs, or it will make the gap worse and compromise your core strength even more. A physical therapist can help, or I'd recommend reading either "Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year" by Elizabeth Noble, or "Lose your Mummy Tummy" by Julie Tupler. Or more reading here: http://www.befitmom.com/abdominal_separation.html

I had a diastasis with my first (singleton) pregnancy, and was able to close it and go from there. Otherwise I just wouldn't have realized how many women are trying to get back into shape and doing tons of situps, not knowing they're making their abs worse! Hope you don't mind my butting in! Sounds like you have a pretty tough deadline, and my heart went out to you, thinking about how you can't afford to lose any time without your core strength!

Diet-wise, I love Weight Watchers, and it's actually pretty similar to the GD diet I'm on now, which is working for me about as well as the previous poster mentioned. (though it's no fun at all grumble grumble)

Best of luck to all of us!

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Thanks!! Dont mind the butting in at all- Wink I plan to start slow and work on my running first. I figure that will be the hardest to pull off...when it comes to the fitness test I feel I can always pull off my minimum for push ups and sit ups, so I can wait to work on that - to make sure my tummy is healed, esp if I end up with a c-section- I hope not! I think my first concern is getting into my weight standards which for my height (5'2") my max is 149. I have never been close so hoepfully that helps too. Then I will work on my run and go from there... I was thinking about looking at the Jillian Michael videos?

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I know weight watchers is a great program and offer options for nursing mothers.

With DS I only had ~10-15lbs to lose, so I just nursed it off. You burn approx. 500 calories/day just by nursing. So if you're planning on nursing the twins, that's 1,000 calories/day JUST NURSING - doing nothing else! Keep up a healthy meal plan and you'll drop weight in no time!

Don't plan to start a diet or start working out until at least 6 weeks after the babies arrive. Your body won't be ready, and even then I'd talk to your care provider and see what they say.

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A friend of mine sayst hat the best way to get in shape is to try to keep up with her 2 kids!

My plan is to eat well, BF, and get whatever excercise I can (walk the dog?)! Weight goes away eventually if you are eating properly and getting sufficient exercise. I just find it goes up again after BFing stops, but that's usually short lived.

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Do you have fitness requirements too?

I gained 50 lbs each time and I did not have twins Wink I found if I ate reasonably the weight came off. I have struggled with that this time.

My main advice is to have no tempting food in your house and to have a good support system to look after your babies so you ca
n exercise and get sleep. When I get less than. 4 hours I want sugary fatty food and that desire totally over powers my common sense.

With my first I lost 57 lbs by 6 months post partum. This time I'm at 45 lbs at 11 months pp. I have not been as focused this time and if I'd been better about my eating I would be done.