Weight Woes

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Weight Woes

Well, I am gaining too much weight. I do EVERY TIME!
To stay at 130 (not pregnant) I don't eat much at all.
So, I will not starve myself when I am prego. My dr. keeps saying I am gaining too much and made a huge stink at the office with nurses...making me take off layers, shoes...etc. It SUCKED.
Anyway, then another friend that saw me...said to another friend...(ahh, don't ya love gossip) That I was really BIG:0(
The dr. said...salad...with out dressing, celery...(UMMM, aren't those like 0 calories?)
He said, but don't diet. ?!

I am so sad about feeling like a dang whale. and now I know it is true. Depressed. (craving bad foods...lol)

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that's horrible! ((hugs)) No on should b made to feel that way, no matter how much weight you have or haven't gained!!!

I really wanna hit them all for you! Sad

I'm sure you look beautiful!! Don't listen to people. Do what YOU feel you need to do Mama! Don't let people bully you into anything.

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Wow, that's not a good way to inspire you to lose weight. Shame on that doctor for making such a fuss in public view. Sad It really breaks my heart when I hear things like this. Doctors should be supportive and not tear people down.

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Everyone is going to be different, right? I feel as though your body will tell you what you need to eat for you and LO! I think as long as you and LO are healthy, it's fine! If it becomes unhealthy and/or dangerous for you and/or LO, the doctor should let you know if a constructive way rather than humiliating you!

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It was humiliating. In front of nurses and clients. It wouldn't of been as bad, but they took the conversation from the room into the busy hallway:0(

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Everyones body is different and will gain weight differently. Just keep eating healthy, excercising, and taking care of yourself and the baby! Smile

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I wouldn't be afraid to tell him that I didn't appreciate the way that you were treated, and demand an apology from him - but that's just me! LOL Shame on your doctor. I mean, come on! Obviously you don't want to gain a whole bunch of unnecessary weight, but it sounds like he's WAY over doing it! You should eat what you feel is a healthy amount for you and your baby - don't let your doctor bully you.

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Im sorry... I feel your pain, though my doctor hasnt mentioned anything yet - I have only had 2 appts with my OB but I got on the scale yesterday at the pediatrician's office when I took in DD and its says I weigh 151 (at 5'2") and my pre-pregnancy weight was allegedly 130. So thats a total of 20 pounds already. Although I will say I beg to differ on what they have for pre-pregnancy weight, even though they did weigh me - I am usually closer to 135-137 and right now, to me LOL Thats makes a huge difference. Anyway, with both my DD's I didnt gain that much, maybe 20-25 lbs total... and if I am only 18 weeks and already hit 20, I am scared for the upcoming months!!