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What do you think?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I did not actually feel her moving until about 21 weeks. But I'm wondering if I'm feeling a little bit now and I need your opions...

The baby is very low (almost on my pelvic bone and has always been there) and over the past week I have been feeling a little tap where the baby is on my left side. It is not bubbles or flutters, just a tap. This is how I felt my daughter for the first time and right in the same area (except her's was in the middle). Do you think I"m too early to feel this? It is not all of the time but I don't know what else it could be.

Thanks in advance!

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definitely not too early. I was 17 weeks with my first and 15 weeks with my 2nd. I haven't felt anything yet with this one. My BFF felt her first flutter with her 2nd at 12 weeks (she's not the type to tell stories either) so it's absolutely not too early
Yay for baby flutters Biggrin

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Your experience sounds similar to what I've been feeling! It's not every day and I haven't felt it for a few days now (though I've heard the heart beat so I'm alright with that! haha). I've been explaining it as bubbles popping up to the surface; but, tapping is pretty accurate, too! YAY!