What have you been eating?

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What have you been eating?

Because we are all feeling mostly blah I was just wondering what everyone has felt like eating?
I haven't felt like eating a single thing! But I do anyways because if I don't I'll just feel sicker.

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whatever I can stomach, and NEVER the same thing two days in a row. For whatever reason, it doesn't matter what it is, but it never sounds appetizing the next day.

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"azin_may" wrote:

and NEVER the same thing two days in a row. For whatever reason, it doesn't matter what it is, but it never sounds appetizing the next day.

This was so me! I ordered something for dinner at work one day and kept the leftovers in the fridge for the next day and nearly got sick trying to eat it. I just had to throw it away. Chocolate Chex is about the only thing I had for about a week!!

My doctor gave Zofran to help and it has been amazing. Still not wanting some things I would normally love, but I finally feel like I can actually eat without issue.

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LMAO!! I swear, I was about to post something VERY similar to this .... well I JUST started feeling nauseous the last maybe 48-72 hours and nothing sounds or smells appealing to me and the only thing I can really force myself to eat is cereal (Applejacks is whats in there now) and McDonalds fries because of the salt, which I am surprised because normally anything greasy is a no go for me. Today, I bought several cans of soup- I ate chicken and wild rice for dinner which turned out to be a good pick... then saltine crackers, Special K carcker chips (sea salt flavor), and a 6 pack of giner ale and for some reason Gardettos was good for me yesterday. I normally love Orange Juice but I cant as of yesterday drink it... and my mom made some cabbage and beans and something and she put the left overs in the fridge and I almost puked opening the fridge - I said you HAVE TO throw that away LOL

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When I'm nauseous, I live on crackers! I've been eating really bland because of the nausea... Chicken, fish, etc. do need sound satisfying, whatsoever! I know I should be eating better than I am but what's really healthy does just not seem to want to sit well with me!

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I am having a hard time eating anything. We went to the Keg last week for our anniversary and I ordered veggies and a salad. I managed to eat the salad (but did not enjoy it which I normally do) and then had 2 bites of potatoes and veggies and that was it. The rest came home.
Because I have no appetite I am finding that textures are really turning me off - and smells of course (opening the fridge - argh!). I am sticking to cereal, homemade turkey soup (from Christmas), and porridge (Red River Cereal and oats with milk and brown sugar). I normally live on salads and veggies but I cannot handle those either. I am splurging on some takeout foods also (familiar comfort items) which I am forgiving myself for - at least I am eating something!

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I'm glad to hear I am not the only one who can't open the fridge without getting sick! If something has been in there for more than a day....uhg.....NO! I'm doing goldfish crackers and chicken noodle right now. Bland pasta seems to be okay for the mommy but nothing complex! I had such big ideas about cooking really good meals while pregnant, and now just the thought brings me to my knees! Uhg! Maybe 2nd trimester if this nausea passes. But for now, if it sounds good that second I will hurry and eat it while I can. Because the next second it could sound wretched! Chicken and rice sounds yummy though, so maybe that will be dinner!

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I've been pretty lucky and haven't experienced any nausea unless I wait to long to eat something. I do get grossed out when smelling the fridge and can't do eggs (the smell is so bad!) or eat the same thing close together. I used to LOVE and live on baked brussel sprouts but sadly those sound extremly unappealing now. Sweets (ice cream please!) and anything salty are the most delightful these days!

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No cooked veggies that's for sure! I think it's a texture thing since a salad seems somewhat appealing at this time. Last night all I could stomach was a smoothie. Those are life savers! I'm really enjoying salt and crunchy things this time around. No wonder I'm already showing Smile

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Military Mom are those sea salt Special K crackers good? I almost bought some today but wasn't sure.

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haha! I've been eating based on what's not going to be terrible coming back up, because it's coming back up at some surprising point during the day. The kids' cheddar rabbits (sort of like the little fish only they're organic) have been a savior for me. They are NOT pleased having to share their snack food with mommy every day Smile

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I haven't had it too bad thankfully, but when I do get nauseous I find that I can always force feed myself oatmeal and it doesn't bother me. It helps in the fiber department too IYKWIM.