YAY! It's a good day!

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YAY! It's a good day!

Today I get to see Baby D again - we have our repeat u/s since the tech couldn't get any shots of the baby's face or heart last time. I'm so excited to see him!! Biggrin

AND, I officially hired my doula today! WOO HOO! It took a TON of convincing to get DH on board - he's still not completely convinced it's worth the money, but he told me that he's in my corner, and if I think I need it and want it that he will support me. :woohoo:

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That's really exciting. I can't wait to see the baby again either! Did the tech get good pictures of his heart/face now?

I absolutely loved having my doula last time. It was really a blessing to have someone there who had my interest at heart. I think you'll really enjoy the experience.

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Super exciting! I sort of know what a doula does but I think I will google it - just bc you got me curious now... hope the appt went well Smile I also had an ultrasound done yesterday!

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Oh yay Melissa, I'm so happy to hear you got a doula. I know you really wanted one. And yay for seeing LO again!!!