Yay! What a great mix-up!

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Yay! What a great mix-up!

So my doctor called to tell me the ultrasound I had at 10 weeks was considered too early to count as my first trimester ultrasound, so they want me back in on Monday (13 weeks) for another one! Yay! We get to see our little one again! And even though it has only been 2-3 weeks, I'm excited to see how he/she has grown!

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That is a great mix up! Congrats on getting to see the LO again. It's always fun to see how much they change over such a short period of time.

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Yay for you! I love the ultrasounds. My doctor has 3d/4d in his office and loves to use it.

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Hope it goes well, and feel free to share a picture or two! Smile

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How fun and they do change so much. At my 9 week u/s baby looked like a gummy bear. Now he actually looks like a mini baby.