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Are you thinking about...

Gift bags for your nurses? I keep flip flopping on the idea. I think it'd be a nice gesture, but it's more stuff to drag to the hospital with me and deal with. DH thinks it's a lame idea/waste of $$$. If I do them they will be filled with Avon products since I sell and can get stuff for a great rep discount (lotions, chapsticks, and other stuff for like $0.40 apiece!).

What are you ladies thinking?

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I never thought about doing that. I usually give my midwife something as a thank you...a baked treat and card, or a box of chocolates and a card, but I have never thought of doing that for the nurses. I think its more hassle than its worth and like you said more stuff to worry about purchasing, more money spent, more time putting it together, more stuff to bring to the hospital. The last thing I want to worry about is more stuff to do in these last few weeks. I already have enough to get ready and organize, I don't have time for anything else.

But if you feel you have the time and energy and the gifts put in the bags aren't too expensive, then go for it. Everyone is different. I just know I wouldn't do that for my nurses. I always do something for my midwife, but not the nurses. Good luck with what you decide!

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No, I'm looking at it as their job... I can definitely see getting something for a midwife, though, because you'd become quite close to them during this entire process!

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I definitely want to get something for the nurses. It might be their job but they put up with alot of crap from people and don't get enough thank yous. I come from a family full of nurses so perhaps I'm a little biased. I am trying to get ideas for things they can use but never have.

Like for my son's teachers - you'd be surprised how grateful they are just for extra supplies like Clorox wipes, crayons, etc. They buy these things out of their own pocket and they appreciate them way more than gifts like bubble bath and cologne.

Maybe cheesy but I bet they go through alot of pens... but I will let you guys know what I get back from my FB post for ideas lol.

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Oh, I come from a family of health care professionals, as well (including nurses) and I, myself, work in health care. It's not to belittle their role (if that's how it comes across) and the great job that many nurses do; but, I also encounter first hand (pretty much, every day) a lot of crap from clients and families and just believe that it comes with the territory... That's just my own personal opinion, though. I am also fully aware that many can be rude and obnoxious (as I just encountered with a friend who delivered the weekend) and think that, if I was going to get something for the nurses, I'd be doing it after that fact for someone who did a fabulous, caring job! That's why I think doing something for a midwife, etc., who you become quite close to and know has your best interest at heart the entire time, is a great idea!

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My mom is a maternity nurse from another city/hospital than where I will be delivering but I know how much she and her coworkers appreciate any gesture. So luckily she thought of this last time around and brought a jumbo tin of Tim Horton's coffee grounds to the hospital the second day I was there (soooo Canadian I know!) and just gave it to the nurses.
There is definitely something to be said for "doing your job" (for which you are paid) and doing a tremendous job and caring about your patients.
We will likely stick with the same this time. Truthfully though if it came down to DH and I having to come through the nurses would probably get nothing - because it is just such a busy time! It is a great job to delegate / get someone to help with - even if it is only a small gesture (like a tin of coffee). (I can just imagine how much success I would have getting DH to go to the main floor of the hospital and buy coffee for the nurses - wouldn't happen!!!!).

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Honestly, I hadn't even thought of it. I have thought about baking something if I am trying to keep myself occupied during early labor - because I plan to labor at home for as long as I can. So the nurses may receive some baked treats, but probably not more than that.

I do plan to get something nice for my doula, though. She has been fabulous, and I have no doubt that she will be even more fabulous during labor!