Your vision of life with baby....

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Your vision of life with baby....

Just for laughs I thought it would be interesting to talk about your goals / vision for life with baby and then to revisit it in a few months! The idea came to be when I was recently telling a friend who has a 1 and 4 year old that I was planning on reducing my expectations this time around. Then when I proceeded to tell her my expectations / ambitions she stared at me and told me she had only recently started being able to get dinner made and her kid had just turned 1!
(DH works full time (shift work - so 12 hour shifts, 2 days and then 2 nights - so I am on my own for 5 in a row - which is nothing compared to you military moms)).

Here goes:
- have a bath every day or night (this is my idea "me" time!)
- meals for kids (home-made at least 50%) of the time - not processed food out of boxes)
- make dinner (nothing fancy - a meat and a veggie or two)
- basic tidying of house (dishes, move toys from walking area, wipe down food spills, put food back in fridge),
- maintain laundry / laundry approx every 2-3 days (cloth diapers and daily household laundry)
- vacuum approx every 2-3 days (90lb indoor dog with lots of fur!)
- outings a couple times a week with kids (play groups or other)
- daily walks with kids and dog to park (hopefully) (also "me" time - getting exercise and spending time with my dog (and kids))
- enjoy a rest period most days - maybe an hour during nap time if I can get it to read or chill? I dunno' if this will happen but it is a goal.

Other "bonus" items
- house cleaning (bathrooms, bedding, etc) - when hubby is home and/or getting him to help
- meal planning and groceries - (I currently take DS with me every weekend to do this - but I think this will become a mom's night out event and DH can hold down the fort). Or this could be another area where hubby pitches in.
- paying bills, managing bank account, etc (thankless job)
- swim one evening a week (my third "me" thing!) (my goals were higher last time but this became a real sticking point for us with DS's horrid sleep)
- time spent with hubby

I get restless and am a little bit ADHD (not really - just feels like it) so I have to resist the urge to go out too much! My plan is no more than 1 outing a day plus 1 walk to park. Most days that should give me enough time to make dinner and do a touch of tidying. BUT I am totally giving myself WAY more permission to nap and rest and take it easy this time. (Last time I had a hard time just relaxing and treating myself to some non-working time so I didn't often feel like I ever got much of a rest).