~*~*August 2012 Cuddle Bug's Arrivals and Birth Stories*~*~

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~*~*August 2012 Cuddle Bug's Arrivals and Birth Stories*~*~

Please post your birth stories here!
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I will update the arrivals as more babies arrive!

JULY 2012
[SIZE=2]July 17, 2012
[SIZE=2]Mary Anna (mama2WBH) - Henry Kahrs, 5lbs 4oz and Annabelle Claire, 6lbs 4oz

[SIZE=2]July 24, 2012

[COLOR=#800080]Kathy (HorseMomma) - Abram, 8lbs 8oz

[SIZE=2]July 30, 2012
[COLOR=#800080](jaimelr) - Bailey, 7lbs 11oz

Rachel (PianomanTran) - Drake Alexander, 6lbs 2oz
[/SIZE][/SIZE]July 31, 2012
[COLOR=#800080]Jill (Military Mom) - Isabella Imani, 5lbs 10oz and Anthony Jacob, 5lbs 14.5oz[/COLOR][SIZE=2]



August 6, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Melissa (Sweet Pea) - Joseph Andrew, 6lbs 11oz

[/COLOR]August 8, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080](Mrs. Bear) - Penelope Jane, 8lbs 12oz
[/COLOR]August 15, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Sarah (Sarahsunshine) - Forrest Reed, 6lbs 10oz

[/COLOR]August 17, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Kimia (Meemers) - Jacob Olivier Mutahi, 8lbs 13oz
[/COLOR][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Meghan (B-Baby) - Liam, 8lbs 12oz
[/COLOR]August 18, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Diana (siandra) - Gavin, 10lbs 8oz
[/COLOR]August 19, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Cynthia (MaybeGracie) - Lily, 8lbs 8oz[/COLOR][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]

[/COLOR]August 20, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Christa (momW) - Noah, 9lbs 14oz
[/COLOR][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Christine (BrokenPsyche) - Sophia Taylor, 6lbs 2.4oz

[/COLOR]August 29, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Allie (Allie01979[/COLOR]) - Emilie Ann, 7lbs 5oz

September 3, 2012
[COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080][COLOR=#800080]Alison (azin_may) - Nathan Edward, 8lbs 4oz
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Bailey's birth story:

Baby Bailey arrived and what a difference between my two labours and deliveries and recoveries (to date)!

DS Will (May 31, 2010 – 7lbs) – 9 hours start to finish including approx 3 hours at home and 2hrs labouring after doctor broke water, pretty bad ripping and stitches (was incredibly uncomfortable following delivery) and subsequently developed problems with stitches and also developed fissures. So exhausted after I was barely functional for days. Labour progressed along a very gradual pace. Gas and a shot of morphine.

DD Bailey (Aug 30, 2012 – 7lb 11oz) – 2 hours start to finish including approx 1.5 hours at home (deciding it was labour, getting friend to stay in house with Will, getting to hospital) and 20 minutes of labour in hospital getting from 5cm to delivery. Actual labouring was minutes – from the moment the doctor broke my water. No ripping and recovery has been incredible so far. Labour went from 0 to full blown very fast. Gas.

The actual events unfolded as follows. I had been at 5cm for about a week and had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for the next day. (At the previous week’s appointment she had tried to do a sweep to get things going but my cervix was quite high still so, while I did get some contractions that night, there was not a lot of result from that. I had contractions off and on the following evening also at which point I thought the labour would start within a few days – but then things just died off. My parents came for a visit on the weekend (from 3 hours away) and I was still relatively active but also tried to not push things (have PIH). Monday night DH and I decided to DTD (which we had not in over a week) which we both realized would get things going but we were willing to go for it since: I was within a week of my due date, I was already for sure at 5cm and 40% (based on previous appointment), we knew my doctor would try and rattle things up the next day to get things moving because of the PIH, I really did not want to be induced, and I overheard my doctor say she would be away the weekend of my due date and following week so I really wanted to deliver while she was around. Well after DTD I definitely had some immediate cramping. I got out of bed to go sleep in a different room (so my constant peeing wouldn’t keep DH awake all night). I couldn’t really walk fully upright because my abdomen was cramping and I was starting to realize that we had likely just initiated labour so I went downstairs and watched Olympics swimming with the dog to see what happened around 1145pm. By 12 I was having contractions every 2-6 minutes. I waited until 12:20am and then called my friend to ask her to come over to stay in the house with our 2 year old DS and called my parents (who had just driven 3 hours back to their town that afternoon) and asked them to come back. I hopped in the bath and contractions did slow down – I had only 4 sets in 20+ minutes. That said, the contractions were still close together and with the PIH I definitely wanted to make it to the hospital so I woke DH up and told him we were going to the hospital as soon as my friend arrived. He got dressed and loaded the car and I sat on the stairs (with the dog who put her head on my lap and stared up at me – she is so lovely) having contractions every 2-4 minutes, called the hospital to let them know we were on our way and called the doctor as well. (Thank goodness I did too!). I made it only 10 feet on my first attempt to get to the car before another contraction hit and DH found me on all fours on the front steps breathing through contractions. Made it to the car and DH drove us (quickly) to the hospital and the nurses were waiting for us.

After waiting for another contraction to pass the nurses examined me and I was surprised to hear I was only 6cm. Right away I asked for gas (where with DS 2 years ago I went for hours of early labour with nothing and asked for more (morphine) when I needed something more than gas. They were on the phone with the doctor telling her they thought things were going to be very fast so the doc was on her way in. Within a handful of contractions I was asking for something stronger but they knew the doctor was almost there so they waited for her to arrive moments later (she was fast!) and unfortunately told me that there was not enough time for drugs. I was labouring on my side (which seemed more comfortable than on my back / sitting as I had with DS) and the doctor broke my water which gave me 30 seconds of relief before the head went into place and instantly I had the full urge to push. Within about 10-20 pushes (it seems) the baby was pretty much out – just had to do the little pushes to get the rest out. I did very little during this hard labour – my body took over and it was very animalistic. I was groaning and moaning a lot (my labour with DS was much more focused and calm) and I was sucking down all the gas I could (during labour with DS they took away the gas during the pushing). And that was it! No ripping, no exhaustion (or not to same extreme). I was able to roll over and look around and talk to the doctor and nurse shortly after and also to watch the doctor examine the baby (with DS he had meconium so there were a lot of people in the room and I was so exhausted I could hardly open my eyes and take any of it in). I was also able to start nursing her right away. We got to stay in the delivery room for a couple hours while she nursed and got to shower before being moved to our private room (so much nicer than sharing like last time with DS! With DS they were crazy busy and we were out of the delivery room within an hour at the most).

My recover has been much better too. I am getting a lot of uterine cramping but I can sit down and move (unlike last time) and I don’t have the same exhaustion as last time. Tomorrow is likely to be the start of my baby blues day as my milk hopefully comes in – so we will see how that goes. I got about 5 hours sleep in total during the 28 hours I was in the hospital after getting into our private room (where DS was up screaming all night during our stay).

The nursing is going fine – but again I find it is getting very tender / sore with each latch (once the latch is established it is tolerable). I am getting little blisters at the ends of the nipples and have some redness / rawness. She is feeding mostly every 2-3 hours but did go about 4 hours today (getting cuddles from grandpa) between one round. My mom (a maternity nurse) thinks she looks a little tiny bit yellow-ish so I will pull out the d-drops and get started with that and continue with feeding every 2-3 hours for now.

Our son (2 years old) is taking it all in well. When he came to the hospital to visit there were 4 grandparents and DH and I there and DS just ignored the baby – it was too much attention and too much to take in. Once it was just DH, DS, DD and I DS was interested in checking her out and saying “baby no cry” to her when she was crying – it was very cute. He has said her name a couple of times tonight and was checking her out through the day as well. But mostly he just wants to be playing and active and isn’t that interested in what is going on with her. My parents and DH have done a great job taking care of him and helping his life not be too upset by the new arrival. The dog has given her a few good sniffs and parked herself on the floor in front of Bailey (who was sleeping on the couch). My parents leave tomorrow so it is DH and I from then until the weekend at which point his mom and step-dad arrive. Then DH continues to be off work until next Friday which is a nice adjustment period for us.

It is interesting because it is sinking in that this is the last child for us and that we are now embarking on this next phase – which was a challenging phase for us with DS (he didn’t STTN until 21 months and didn’t even sleep more than 5 hours until approx. 9 months!). Having two kids under basically 2 is going to be interesting and a real test but I am determined to enjoy it because in a year I will be back at work full time and they will be growing up so fast! I have enjoyed DS so much (despite the sleep challenges and other challenges that accompanied it all) that I am excited to see both DS and DD grow up – but at the same time I want them to stay small forever. Having DD makes you realize just how big DS has gotten!!!! 30lbs vs the 7lb 11oz baby I just brought home – incredible! All that said – I am not eager to be pregnant again (found pregnancy number 1 more magical than number 2) and this fast intense labour has definitely taken the shine off the labour experience for me (don’t really want to go through that again). (I am not really even harbouring sincere desires for an accident - yet! (I know – it has been only 46 hours since she was born so it is a little early for these kind of crazy thoughts!! :)). But this slight sadness might partially be the hormones talking too as, hopefully, my milk begins to come in.

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Well it all started on August 7th at my 39 week appointment. I went in and Dr. told me my blood pressure had gone up which he had anticipated for awhile because my BP had been out of whack before I got pregnant. So he told me that he would induce me that night at midnight. Dh and I went out to eat at Olive Garden since we figured it would be awhile before having a good meal again. We got to the hospital at 12:05am on Wed. August 8th and got settled into our L&D room by 12:45am. They started an IV and the pitocin. I was all set to try for natural childbirth and the contractions weren't that bad. The nurse would come in every 30 minutes to up the pitocin and I was still feeling fine. She told me that my Dr. liked getting there early everyday like at 6am and that he would break my water and put the internal monitor on the baby.

So fast forward to around 6am, baby started having decels with each contraction so my nurse put the oxygen on me and had me lay on my left side....Flipping to my side really made the contractions hurt more. Around 6:30am my Dr. came in and checked me, I was 3 to 4cm and 75%effaced (I was 1cm in the office at my appt. the previous day) He said things were moving along nicely, he broke my water and put the internal monitor on the baby. They kept my laboring on my left side which was getting to be really painful but I still wanted to try w/o the epidural. Well the baby was still having decels with each contraction so the Dr. came in a bit later and told me that I should really think about getting the epidural in case they had to do a c-section this way they wouldn't have to wait at that point to get the epidural in, so I agreed.

The nurse came in and started pumping my with fluids to get me ready for the epidural. My contractions were extremely painful so I was so ready for the pain relief. They came in to do the epidural and yuck it sure did feel awful. The anesthiologist (sp) kept telling me "whatever you do, don't move" which was so hard because of the painful contractions I was having. Well they got it in and laid me back on my back for a bit and it was so nice to have that relief, but the baby started having decels again so I had to get back on my left side. All of a sudden I was getting horrible pain on the right side of my back that would travel up front, which I figured was a contraction. I tried to just breath through it but it got so bad I started pretty much screaming out in pain which totally freaked out my DH so he went and told the nurse. The anesthetist came in and wanted me to lie on my back but I couldn't because of the baby so she pumped me with more medicine. I couldn't feel anything at all after that. The nurse came back in and checked me at around 9am and I was 7 to 8cm dilated but my baby was still really up high. I was finally able to get in a nap around 10:30am. My DH said the nurse came in a couple of times but she didn't want to wake me to check me so she let me sleep. I woke at around 12:15pm and the nurse came in and asked if I was feeling any pressure and I said "not at all" she was going to check me but said she'd wait for the Dr. to call first and for me just to rest. Well not even 10 minutes later she came back in with my Dr. He checked me and I was fully dilated but the baby was still up high so he asked me to push through some contractions to see if she'd move down, but it wasn't working and all that was happening was her heart rate was dropping. It went down into the 90's and wasn't coming back up so he said he had to stop me there and that a c-section was best. I had no problem with that, I just wanted my baby to be born safely. So they prepped me and took me into the OR. I couldn't believe how fast it all went. My DH came in and sat with me and I just remember feeling the immense pressure that they used to push her down to get her out and then I heard a little cry!! Penelope Jane was born at 12:49pm on August 8, 2012. Her cry was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. They took her over to assess her and clean her. Her apgars were 8 and 9. They bundled her up and brought her to see me, she was still crying but I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her I loved her and she got all quiet, I guess she recognized my voice! My DH went with her to the nursery. She weighed 8lbs 12oz and was 21 and 1/4 in long.

I was taken to recovery where I'd spend the next 7 hours! The hospital had been really busy with births so it was taking forever for them to get rooms available. They brought the baby to me after about an hour and she spent about 2 hours there with me. I breastfed her and just held her. My mom came to see us while in recovery. I was so thirsty and my was getting really grumpy but once the nurse brought me some ice chips I was fine. My DH was driving me nuts with his complaining about the waiting. Finally around 8:15pm they had a room ready for us. We got set up in the room and they brought Penny in about 30 minutes later!

The next day I wasn't having much luck with feeding her. I'd offer her my boob and she just didn't seem interested. The nurses got concerned because she had only eaten once early in the morning. They called in the lactation consultant and she gave me a run down of how to get baby to eat and it worked!!! My Dr. came in bright and early to check on me the next morning and said everything was looking good and that I'd be able to go home Friday. All the nurses and staff were extremely nice. I have no complaints. My DH and I got very little sleep because someone was always coming into the room to either check me or the baby so we didn't get any rest at all. Thursday night the baby's nurse came and took her for her evaluation. Penny had lost 8oz but all was good. Friday came around and my Dr was there bright and early to check me over one last time and sign my release. The pediatrician came in about an hour later and released the baby! I just had to wait for the nurses to remove my staples. We finally got to leave the hospital around 1pm. We went to the pharmacy (where I work) to get my pain pills and show off the baby!

We went on Saturday for a follow appointment to check on baby and they said she's doing great. She's already gained back 2oz and her risk of jaundice is very low! The nurse also commented on how comfortable my DH and I are with her. That most new parents she sees seem frazzled and freaked out.

Everything has been great at home so far. Penny eats every 3 hours and at night she sometimes goes 4 to 5 hours. My milk came in on Sunday. Breastfeeding is going great so far. My nipples were getting a little sore late Friday but the lanolin helped alot and they only hurt with the initial latch but the pain fades fast! My DH and I are totally in love with our baby girl! I go back to see my Dr next week to see how I'm healing.

Here's a pic of Penny. She's 4 days old. All the hospital pics are on my cell phone and I don't know how to transfer them to the computer.

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After 2 weeks in the stressful limbo of pre-labor and 2 days of active labor, I reached 42 weeks and had not budged past 4 cm despite all my efforts. So between myself, my husband and our midwife we made the decision to go ahead and head to the hospital. When we arrived at 4pm I was having contractions 6 min apart. The worst part of my whole birth story was getting settled in to the hospital and getting my blood drawn to be specific, It took 3 nurses, each permitted three painful, futile and stressful attempts before they got any blood from me. By the time they finished, I was bruised up and down both arms and in tears from pain and frustration. I knew at that point I was getting the epidural. I knew there was no way I was ever going to relax enough to move forward otherwise. The epidural went smoothly though I was surprised how strong it was and more than a little put off at how difficult it was to move my legs. And the catheter! UHG! Discomfort to the MAX! I accepted a low dose of pitocin because as expected, my contractions began to taper off. With the help of my hypnobirth plan I managed to slip myself into a relaxed mental place and let myself simply tune out for a few hours (during which my water broke on its own, yay!). When they checked on me next I was 9cm! Another hour passed and I was ready to start pushing. For me the pushing was the easiest. It was an effort but I knew every push I gave 110% meant I was that much closer. Sophia was sunny side up and having some dips in her heart rate, so they told me they where only going to let me push for so long before they moved me for a c-sec. NO WAY! I gave it everything I had and made excellent progress. After an hour pushing, Sophia popped into the world and was perfect! 6lbs 2.4oz and 19 inches long.

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Short version:

Ctx @ 10:30am (crampy, lower back)
Phoned midwife @ 11:30 (heads up, non-urgent)
Phoned midwife @ 12:30 (come now)
Midwife arrived @ 1:00
Baby arrived @ 1:42pm

Long version:

Our daughter was born at home at 1:42pm on Sunday, August 19, 2012, after approximately four hours of labour.

On Sunday morning, five days overdue, I wasn't feeling very hopeful. I'd had only the mildest of preparatory contractions in the past week, no signs to point to the beginning of labour.

It was after 9:00. Everyone had been up for a while, but Sunday is my morning to sleep in. My husband gets Saturday; that's the way it's been for a long time now. I wasn't really sleeping - my loose pregnancy joints made that difficult - but I was lounging in bed anyway, enjoying the quiet and the lack of pressing responsibilities.

The contractions began as I lay there in that place between fully awake and fully asleep. They were different than the contractions I'd been having on previous days. They were low down, crampy, and wrapped around my lower back. They weren't intense or even regular, but by 10:30 I was starting to think a back rub would feel nice. I texted my husband out in the other room, but he didn't have his phone with him and so I received no response. After laying there for another fifteen minutes, I got up to find him.

He came into the bedroom with me and we talked for a few minutes. I told him these contractions were different and I planned to phone the midwife after having a shower. I said I'd just give her a heads up; they were mild and infrequent enough that I didn't expect anything to happen anytime soon.

In the bathroom, I discovered bloody show and took that as confirmation that things were indeed beginning. I poked my head out of the bathroom to let my husband know and then got in the shower. I had only one notable contraction while in there, and it too was easily bearable.

At 11:30, I phoned my midwife to give her a heads up that I was in the beginning stages of labour. I let her know I'd give her a call back when things began to pick up. My husband and I quickly prepared the bedroom for our planned homebirth, putting extra sheets and waterproof covers on the bed and clearing a few things away.

I spent the next hour idly wandering around the house. My mother-in-law was there to watch the kids, and my father-in-law had also flown in for a weekend visit. I could feel everyone watching me. I made myself some toast with peanut butter, took my daily iron and other supplements, and tried to make lighthearted non-labour-related conversation. Eventually I retreated to the bedroom for some privacy. I drifted around the room, clearing away bits of clutter and making sure everything felt ready.

By 12:30, the contractions were getting much more intense. I sensed an urgency to call the midwife even though I didn't really expect anything would happen until much later in the day. Deciding it was safer to call than to have another unplanned unassisted birth, I went ahead and paged her. Another contraction hit as she promptly returned my call, so I motioned to my husband to answer the phone while I dealt with what was now definite pain. As the contraction ended, I took the phone and told her she should come. Now.

It was a cool, overcast morning, so I went to sit outside and await her arrival. My husband continued to hover nearby. I was quite inwardly-drawn by this point but found his presence comforting.

At 1:00, the midwife arrived. She moved her supplies into our bedroom and began setting up. I was having a more difficult time managing the pain by this point, unable to find a comfortable position. I worried about how I'd make it through the next hours if I was already having such a hard time.

The midwife asked if I was okay with an internal exam and I readily consented, wanting to know how close I was. I expected I would be about 5 or 6cm dilated. "You're 8cm already," she told me, "but I'm sure you already knew that." I didn't tell her I'd had no idea I was that far along, but it was a relief to hear.

The boys continued to wander in and out, giving me little hugs and kisses and excited smiles before heading back out to play with their Oma and Opa. The boy still wanted to see the birth itself, while the toddler's decision changed moment by moment. I was glad their grandparents were there to care for them.

By 1:30, I was moaning and whimpering through the pain. The contractions were so different from my other two labours - which, interestingly enough, were also very different from each other. My first labour's contractions were very much like waves. My second labour had a few contractions that felt like little pinches behind my bellybutton, followed by the three full-body-slam contractions that broke my water and delivered my baby with no real warning. These third labour's contractions were very low down, very crampy, and nothing at all like waves or pinches. Funny how three labours could each have such unique contractions.

Then came the contraction that brought with it some pressure and a slight urge to push, along with a great deal of moaning and whimpering. The boys were both in the room at the time. Their dad reminded them that I was making a lot of noise because it was hard work to help the baby come, and it hurt quite a bit too, but I was okay. They both accepted the explanation without any upset, having heard it ahead of time as well.

I knew that my water would break with the next contraction. I had an intense desire to be in the bathroom instead of the bedroom, so I told my husband and midwife and immediately headed there before the next contraction came. They followed me in and closed the door behind them. I hadn't planned to give birth in the bathroom because of the size and poor layout, but when the time came, that's just where I wanted to be.

The next few minutes were almost exactly like my previous delivery, only this time my midwife was there, my husband was with me instead of on the phone with the paramedics, and my mother-in-law was in another room instead of catching a baby she hadn't even planned to see delivered. I sat on the toilet and the next contraction came. The midwife said the baby was right there and suggested I move to the floor. I refused until the water broke, and then, as with last time, I moved to the floor on my knees and let my body do all the work. I was glad to be leaning on my husband this time instead of clutching the edge of the bathtub.

I felt an overwhelming sense of relief that this was it, the baby was coming, and it would all be over far sooner than I had expected. Two contractions later, our baby was born. It was 1:42pm, less than an hour after the midwife had arrived.

The birth itself was, oddly enough, the easiest part of the entire labour. I had only held on tightly to my husband as the contractions pushed the baby out; again, as with last time, I didn't push at all myself. I asked my husband later whether or not I had hollered through the delivery (as I most definitely did with my other two) and was surprised to hear that I hadn't made a sound this time. Just hung on and gratefully let it happen.

After collecting myself for a moment, I realized the midwife was telling me she would pass the baby up to me; I shifted position and took the baby from her, holding the baby against my chest. The baby had been screaming but immediately quieted and snuggled against me.

The boys came in soon after. They were both excited to see their baby sister or brother, but the boy was a bit disappointed he'd missed the birth. I was disappointed for him as well; it had all just happened so quickly.

The boys wanted to know whether they had a brother or sister. None of us had checked the gender yet, so I pulled the baby away from me to look. It was a girl!

I sat there a while longer, waiting for the placenta. Eventually I chose to cut the cord and give her to my husband so I could get into a better position. The midwife clamped the cord and my husband cut it, then took her out to show everyone while the midwife stayed with me. The placenta came (in good time, but it felt very much like a "finally" to me). I was able to get a close look at the placenta this time, which was a first, actually, despite it being my third birth.

The midwife asked if I'd like a shower and I gratefully nodded, remembering how I'd asked for one last time and been refused by the paramedics. I rinsed off and headed to my nice clean bed, where they brought me the baby. She promptly and easily began to nurse.

Eventually the midwife checked us over. I hadn't torn and everything else was fine as well, but the afterpains were nearly as bad as the contractions themselves had been. I was given Tylenol, Advil, and arnica pellets. Everything looked fine with the baby too. She was 8lbs 8oz, 51cm long, with a head circumference of 34cm.

She and I made ourselves at home in our bedroom for the rest of the day. Her daddy kept us company and her big brothers wandered in and out to look at her. The boy was thrilled, while the toddler was a bit more cautious. He soon came around, though, and began inspecting her ears, eyes, hands, and toes. I made my phone calls to share the news with family.

Later that evening, I left the bedroom and let my in-laws have some time with their new granddaughter. I sat outside for some cool fresh air and some quiet. My husband soon joined me. I tried to wrap my mind around the idea of having a girl. Even though I'd been prepared for and excited about either gender, there was still part of me that just assumed it would be a boy. But here she was, a girl!

The kids began getting ready for bed. Since the baby was still content after a full day of nursing, I went into the boys' room with them to put them to sleep, our usual bedtime routine. The boy kept telling me how excited and happy he was about his little sister being born. The toddler kept reaching up to touch my cheek and tell me he loved me. It was a lovely quiet time with just the three of us until the toddler fell asleep; just what each of us needed.

More than 24 hours later, we finally settled on a name for our little girl: Lily. We are all completely in love and so happy she's here.

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By the time July 30th rolled around I had been sleeping on the couch for about a week because I just couldn't get comfortable in my bed. I woke up about 2:30am with some cramps but they seemed to go away, so back to sleep I went. I woke up again around 6:30 having to use the bathroom. When I wiped the T-P was pink, so (having been checking every time anyway) I checked the toilet and had my Show. I laid back down on the couch with light PMS cramps and decided to try and get some more sleep. I finally woke up around 8 and DH was getting ready to head to work. Of course I told him about it but said to go to work since it could be hours or days still. Right after he left I texted my SIL and best friend who both just had their second babies to see if they'd had their Show, and if so, how long after did they go into labor. BF said she did that same day. So of course I got excited. I called my mom to tell her about it and to be prepared to hopefully make the 3 1/2 hour drive up to our house in the near future.

All morning I had what felt like PMS cramps, but they were all over the place! I might have 2-3 in a half hour, then nothing for an hour. I kept in contact with my mom all day to be able to tell her what was going on. She decided today would definitely be the day, so she left work at 1 to go home, take her dog to a friends to watch and get her bags...didn't leave for our house until 3. DS normally had a park district class at 1pm, but I decide to skip it because i was just feeling icky. About 1pm I decided to start timing the "cramps". They weren't painful, just starting to come more often. But they still weren't real consistant. 20 mins apart, 7 mins, 17, 9...just all over. About 2:30 I decided to drink a glass of water and lay down on my side for a bit. then things really picked up.

I laid there for 10 mins and had 2 contractions nearly on top of each other. When I got up they continued and were constantly 5-7 minutes apart, so I called DH and said it was time to come home so we could go to the hospital (of course that's when he told me he still hadn't packed HIS bag!). So I threw a few shorts and tshirts into a bag for him and made DS use the potty and pick out what stuffed toy he was taking to sleep with at his cousin's house. DH was home about 3 and as we're making sure everything is in the car DS screams from his carseat he had to poop! GO FIGURE!! Finally about 3:15 we hit the road..and traffic. The good news is that SIL lives in the same town as the hospital, the bad news is that it's a 40 minute drive without traffic AND she couldn't meet us at the hospital because her car only fits 2 carseats (her 2 boys), so we had to stop there.

By the time we made it to SIL house (about an hour later...so 4:15ish) the contractions were 3-4 minutes apart. Luckily DH had called SIL from the car when we were about 2 blocks away, so she was waiting outside and grabbed DS and his bag so we didn't even have to put the car in park. He blew me a kiss from the window and made me promise to call before he want to bed at 9.

by 4:30 DH was dropping me off at the ER door. I made my way in while he parked the car. Now doesn't it figure there's a line 5 people deep waiting in the Er to be admitted. I knew I didn't actually go through admission there, they just call up to L&D who come get me and we do it all up there. Except the stupid receptionist kept telling me to wait my turn in line! Even when I said please just call L&D. I couldn't hardly stand during contractions, let alone talk! Luckily by the time DH finally made it in was the same time a Dr came out and called up for me before reprimanding the woman who kept telling me to wait my turn.

Finally we were up on the L&D floor! Except all but one of the rooms were full, and the open one was still being cleaned! Talk about a busy day there. One nurse wanted them to have me wait in the L&D triage area until they could move me over and start my admission process. Luckily one nurse said to sit me by the door of the one being cleaned so that I got into it since I seemed to be laboring so quickly. That nurse was a godsend! I got into the room less than 3 minutes later and her first question, after checking dilation (5 Centimeters), was do you want an epidural (yes!). So she contacted the anthistisiologist first to let him know they would need him before he took off into a C-Section. Then she had another nurse give me my IV while she processed my admission.

I was officially admitted to the hospital at 5:15pm...my mom walked in the door as the nurse was leaving from it! Remember she left her house at 3, and it's a 3 hour drive, part of it at Chicago rush hour, and made it up to L&D. I still don't want to know how fast she drove! I got my epi before 5:30 and things went really smooth sailing from there. I turned on the Olympics and we just watched and goofed around. I was checked basically every hour and moved up almost 2 centimeters every time (6pm, 7cm; 7pm, almost 9cm; 8pm, 10cm!)

When the docotr checked me at 8pm I was 10 cm with just a tiny lip that would receed with the contractions. It was time to deliver! So while she was getting ready and the room set up the nurse told me to give a practice push. I did, only to be stopped by the doctor! Both mom and DH went sheet white like something was wrong. DH kept pressing her about it and she finally said, the head was coming out and she wasn't quite ready to catch! When I finally got the OK to push it took 1 push that (seemed forever to me) DH said when we counted in his head lasted less than 10 seconds!

Drake Alexander was born at 8:11pm 6lbs 2oz, 17 inches! APGARS were 9 & 9.