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Thread: *Sigh* Pity Party Ahead

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    Im sorry its been a rough week. I can completely sympathize! TTC in general can be stressful and when you ttc after a loss it is just this crazy amount of pressure to concieve again that it drives you crazy. Venting is good vent away! Nothing you are feeling is irrational either this is tough stuff and you are totally allowed to feel however you feel without getting down on yourself about it. Big hugs!!
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    You know I'm right there with you. Anytime you want to vent I'll listen. I've had a lot of people asking "so, when are you having the next one?" because ours are all 20 months apart (and LO is 19 months now) and I've gotten to the point where, if I know the person, I just tell them about the m/c. I'm tired of smiling and trying to avoid the question. Yeah, it makes some of them uncomfortable (they asked!), but a lot have also told me about their own losses. It's really too bad that the social message is to hush up about m/c. I feel better when I don't have to hide it.
    And good luck. I really hope you're pregnant this cycle (and me, too) and that we can both have healthy, uneventful pregnancies.
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