1st OB appt down in the books :)

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1st OB appt down in the books :)

Well, I finally had my 1st OB appointment today! It was long awaited after having to reschedule it last week due to having influenza. On a side note, I can't believe how much influenza can wipe a person out! Or that & the combo of being pregnant. I have NO energy! And this cough is driving me crazy. I cough so hard I gag & have even thrown up a few times because of it:(
So, my appointment: first thing, she listed for baby's heartbeat. It was pretty quiet at first, but then she found it again a bit stronger. Heartbeat was right around 166.
Most of our conversation focused on the ongoing spotting that I've been having for the past six weeks. I still have an area on my cervix that she said is extra sensitive and that my cervix is a bit prolapsed so it is probably more prone to irritation than it normally would be. She said I need to work on my kegels Smile The spotting drives me crazy - I absolutely hate it, so DH & I have not DTD since NY eve because I'm sure that would aggravate things more and I don't need any more cause for worry.
The rest of our time was spent talking about preventing preterm labor again (DD was born early at 26 weeks). We will follow similar precautions this time as we did with DS. At 16 weeks, I'll start 17 HP injections (projesterone) to help prevent PTL and around 20 weeks we will do cervical lengths to monitor that to ensure that it's not shortening more than it should. I have a different job than I did with my last pregnancy, no lifting or anything like that, so I'm hopeful that I can do without bed rest this time!!
So, now I have to decide when I tell DD (she's 6) about the pregnancy. I wanted to for sure wait until after today's appointment, but I might still wait a while. I'm not showing extremely yet - a coworker did say the other day that she could start to see a bump, but I don't think DD will notice for a while. She'll be excited, but I just think it's such a long time for them to have to wait until baby is born!

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Ya for finding a heartbeat Smile I'm sure no matter when you tell your daughter she will be so happy Smile My 5 and 6 year old don't really seem to care as they have been through this a time or two before. lol.

Hope you get some energy back soon Smile

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I am glad to hear you found the heartbeat!! It sounds like a pretty good appointment.

My 5 year old asks me every day if tomorrow is the day the baby will be born. He has no concept of time. My 7 year old doesn't care much about it, but he also seems to understand that it won't happen until school is out for the summer.

We told the kids pretty early because I was just not feeling well some days and just wanted them to understand why I was cranky and tired sometimes.

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Yay for a good appointment. I can understand your worry about spotting and your desire to avoid bed rest. I can't imagine putting up with either!

I had the flu a few weeks ago and the cough is still making me gag. I hope you get over yours really soon.

We told the kids right away and they're really excited. I'm sure your DD will be thrilled when you tell her.