28 week scan

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28 week scan

Just had my first growth scan.
He measuring just above normal and weighing just under 3 lbs!!!
Not too bad for a gestational diabetes baby!!
He is breech so getting pics has been hard!!
I really wanted to see his willy but he wasn't having it!!
Saw his eyes open and close and he needed a wee.
Got a couple of pics but left them in my notes so will upload later... Not sure you'll work out what is what though.
He gave the nurse a few good kicks to tell her to buggar off and hid behind his hands a lot.
Other than that she called him a very chilled out little dude Smile xxxx

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Can you see his open eye and hand tapping on shoulder or cheek? Xxx

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It sounds like he is doing great in there! Don't worry, you'll see more of his willy than you ever though once he is here LOL. Boys sure do like to show it off Wink

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Congrats on a good scan!