9dpo BFN

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9dpo BFN

Feeling kind of disappointed at another BFN this morning. FF says I'm 10dpo, but I say 9dpo. I have every one of my normal early pregnancy symptoms and my chart looks almost exactly like my 2nd pregnancy.
Here's when I've gotten BFPs before
DS1 1st test BFP at 10dpo
DS2 after BFNs, super faint maybe evap at 10dpo with FMU, faint BFP 10dpo evening, BFP 11dpo
DS3 after BFNs, BFP at 10dpo by O pain (FF said 9dpo)
m/c 1st test super dark BFP at 12dpo PM by O pain (FF said 11dpo)
so, I should feel ridiculous about feeling disappointed at a BFN at 9dpo by O pain. It's still too darn early... even though I know I used less sensitive tests with my first two pregnancies... right?

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It's still early!

I drive myself nuts looking at the galleries on FF for charts 'like mine' and that have BFNs before BFP. Your chart looks great, just wait another day!

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I did the same thing lol combed the chart gallery for pg charts like mine trying to match all my symptoms. I was sure I was out this month but turns out I wasn't. I posted this to Jessica too but I had BFNs at 9&11 dpo on ICs and a nice dark bfp at 14 dpo. I have always gotten a bfp by 10 dpo in the past if I was pg too. So you never know! I totally understand the disappointment though BFNs suck.

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Thanks for the optimism!

I impulsively took another test and... I don't know. It's either the faintest BFP or the cruelest evap ever. I tried to take a picture and I can't catch it, so I'm guessing it's an evap.

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Any new pics?