Any other MTHFR patients out there?

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Any other MTHFR patients out there?

My husband & I have been TTC for almost 2 years. We had 3 miscarriages last year. After the 3rd miscarriage, they did all the blood work & found out I was positive for the MTHFR factor. Apparently there are a couple different types of MTHFR, but I don't know exactly which one I have. But now I am 5W5D preggers & my doctor has me on progesterone & a low does aspirin everyday. I was just curious what all the MTHFR patients out there are doing? I want to keep my doctor honest & make sure I'm in good hands. I honestly don't want to go down the miscarriage path again. . . .

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I don't really know anything about that, although I have been on birth boards with other women who had to take aspirin and have progesterone. perhaps that was the reason. In any case, welcome, congrats, and I really hope this works for you!

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I don't have it either but have heard others talk about it that had it as well. I was thinking some women took extra folic acid as well as progesterone and aspirin. But I could be wrong. HH9M to you!

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I have the MTHR mutation, and I take a low dose aspirin, extra folic acid, a special prenatal that has a special form of folic acid (VitaMedMD Plus RX), vitamin B complex, and for the first 12 weeks, progesterone. I had 2 m/cs before I found out about my MTHR mutation, but this little guy I am preggo with now is doing great. Good luck!!!

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I am a fellow mutant!!!
I have the same strain as Alissa...Homogyous.
I am on extra folic, progesterone and fragmin shots...I am unfortunaltley allergic to aspirin otherwise I would have been put on that.
I found out after 7 miscarriages and going private to find out what on earth was happening.
Iam 5 weeks odd pregnant...and still hoping I am following in alissas footsteps.

Good luck and congrats and welcome. Smile

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Liz, I HAD NO IDEA!!! I'm so excited and hopeful and anxious for you!!! Congratulations dear! I will keep you in my thoughts and keep my fingers crossed extra hard for you and jelly bean!

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Good Luck to you Liz!! I hope the doctors have this figured out for us!! I thought 3 m/c was way too many. I couldn't imagine 7 Sad