Anyone thinking about strollers?

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Anyone thinking about strollers?

Im going back and forth on whether we need a new stroller. I've been looking at the Sit-n-Stands and other doubles. DD will be 3 1/2 by the time the baby gets here. She really likes to walk when we are at the mall/store. Guess I don't want to fork out the $ for somthing we won't need or use that often. Any advice would be appreciated!

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I got a double stroller with my first 2 kids, they are 26 months apart. I mostly used it for talking walks in the neighborhood. I took it shopping a few times, but honestly, for me, it was easier just to get my shopping done when someone else was watching them. At places like the grocery store I just brought in the infant carrier and put it in the cart and put the older one in the front of the cart.

I guess it really depends on how much you plan on taking them to the zoo or places like that. I think if mine were any farther apart in age it wouldn't have been very useful. There is also the option to wear the baby and put the older one in a single stroller. I could never find a carrier to wear that worked for me (plus size with a larger chest).

My stroller issue this time is whether to buy an infant carseat that fits our old stroller, or sell the stroller and get a new set, or buy a single jogger with the carseat attachment. I plan to walk a lot with this baby while the big kids are at school, and I had taken up running before getting pregnant. Running with a travel system is very awkward.

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Thanks! I've been looking at baby wearing too. There are just too many options out there! lol

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When I got pregnant with Keira I didn't have a choice but to get a double stroller as Kay would be turning 1 a week after Keira was born. So I needed one that would last me 2 years at least, Sadly we couldn't afford the strollers that I wanted so we just got a used one which worked for about a year, but I knew that it wouldn't last this winter. So we went searching again, I really really wanted a phil and teds double stroller or the city select ones. I loved how they were compact and you could move the seats to face away from you or towards you. When we went to go and look at a stroller place we actually went with the Guzzie and Gus 1+1 stroller and it is an awesome stroller.

STROLLERS - G+G 1+1 Gabriola Stroller

We bought it on sale so it wasn't as expensive as the website.

Now with this new baby coming and keira only being about 21 months old I will still need this stroller, Kay will still be under 3 so she will still need the stroller every now and again so the snugglie it is with that situation cause there is no way I am buying a triple stroller.

Sorry for rambling but if you can find a sit and stand that is the price of a single stroller I would get it. We also had one when Kay was born and my youngest son was about 3.5 (I think) and it worked great.