Anyone thinking of names?

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Anyone thinking of names?

The SSA's top baby name list for 2012 just came out yesterday! I have found it really fun looking up names!

it is

I am soo excited because we keep our names a secret and are trying to pick a unique name for our little guy! I looked up my top choices and both are in the 150's in popularity!

My daughter Skyla is 509

My son Ty is 349 although his given name Tyler is 50. Looking back I wish we would have put Ty on the birth certificate because I like it better, it is more uncommon, and we always call him Ty!

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We try to be a bit different but not crazy. Looking thru Theo's yearbook I think some people tried too hard Wink Our name this time was not in the top 1000 for any recent year. I was surprised (we haven't checked 2012 yet) when I first checked, but parts of her name are on there. We are still looking for her second name but so far the things we like are uncommon too.

With the boys, they each have a top 100 first name and a less common middle name that they go by. If we would have had a 3rd boy, his name would have been more common because it was all we liked. Although I don't know any boys with that name around here. Zachariah is very high on the SSA list, yet there is a Zechariah in Theo's grade level but no other Julian (his official first name), even though it is in the top 100.

Anyway, our name is still a secret too. But I am going to check the list for middle name ideas, we are in such disagreement over this and time is running out. I am thinking she may have 2 middle names but I am not sure how that works. And she would have the longest name ever!!

ETA: I wonder if the list includes middle names or only given first names??

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Sore point with me at the moment.
M wants names that sound way too bling bling and mafia.... Not happy and after a bit of a row as he will not even say he likes any of my suggestions I have decided that he can pick a name and if its one of the bling bling names then I shall just call my son sweetheart. Lol
I hope he know how much I despise these names.
I am even happy to go with his second choice of his own name... Even though my dad, his dad and my nephew are called it.

Personally... I want Erik or Edward.

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Liz, you should at least get to pick one name! My husband's parents call him by different names. His name is Robert Andrew and his dad calls him Robert, his mom calls him Andy. He went thru school as Andy, but now introduces himself as Robert mostly. I call him Andy but if I really want his attention quick I say Robert LOL.

With my second we named him at the last minute and for the first few weeks after he was born, I would blank on his name, so I am sure I called him nicknames like sweetheart quite a bit.