Appointment today, a bit disappointing

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Appointment today, a bit disappointing

I had an appointment today, my first actual appointment. They told me I am an automatic c-section since I already had 2. I am disappointed that I will never get to experience a vaginal birth. I asked when they will schedule it and they said 39 weeks. I really want this baby born in early August and not late July (my in-laws have a big anniversary on the 27th and they are supposed to watch the boys when this baby is born).

I also go in for my GD one hour test next appointment, which is at 24 weeks. I guess they are testing me early due to weight? Or because I had to take the 3 hour last time maybe? If I pass I hope this means I won't have to take it again later.

She also said maybe this baby is measuring smaller than her brothers because she is a girl. I guess I better have lots of newborn size ready for her.

Anyway, just had to get that all out. Kind of sad but just have to get used to the idea of another c/s. At least this time they are taking me seriously about the morphine issue. I am just going to try and make this my best c/s yet, hopefully avoiding nausea and grogginess and staples as much as possible.

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You could always call around to different places, the midwife group I just switched to said the allow vba2c. You should get the experience you want.

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My friend had a vba2c, she did a lot of research and presented the doctor with facts about it being safer (in her case, likely in many) to try a vaginal birth. She was successful Smile

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Hmmm - as far as the GD testing, I had it done with DS when I spent the night with PTL at 24 weeks and wasn't being seen by my usual CNM, so they did the GD testing. My CNM had me repeat the testing 2-4 weeks later because she felt it wasn't accurate done at 24 weeks. If you're worried about possibly having to do it again since it's early - ask, it never hurts!

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Sorry I'm jumping in so late, I'm sorry you had a disappointing experience. PP's have suggested some good ideas if the decisions start to feel like their just not right. You have to trust your intuition. Having 2 c/s does not necessarily mean you must have another one, if it's the policy of your practice, then you need to decide if you want to try "shopping around" or if you want to stick with what's comfortable for you. Either way, you have more than enough time to either find a different care provider who will support a vba2c, or to come to terms and feel whole in the decision to stick with a scheduled c/s. I just saw an article about planning a family centered c/s, I don't know if it was on this site or on, I'll try to find it and post it to you.

Also, even if you do decide to go with the c/s, you have solid evidence behind you to push for either waiting until 40 weeks, or even allowing your body to start labor before going in. That would help you in terms of the timing, not being in July.

I hope you're feeling good today!