August 2013 EDD and Gender Guesses!! **sticky please!!**

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August 2013 EDD and Gender Guesses!! **sticky please!!**

Here is where we can all oficially post our due dates and if you will be finding out the sex of the baby (and if you're hoping for a particular sex), or if you're going to be team green! I will list everyone's dates and predictions as soon as you ladies post them! This will help us all get to know each other a little better as well!

August 1:
Blissfulliss (Liss)- hoping for a boy (but DH wants a girl)!!
August 2:

August 3:

August 4:

August 5:

August 6:
Southernmom (Stephanie)- hoping for a girl!
August 7:

August 8:
Morel_baby- Team Green but hoping for a boy!
August 9:

August 10:
Tanismom (Ayelet)- Team Green!!
August 11:

August 12:
Lainasmomma10 (Pam)- will find out!
August 13:
Nurahjennah (Jen)- will find out, hoping for a boy!
August 14:

August 15:
Charliesmommy (Rochelle)- Team Green!
August 16:

August 17:

August 18:

August 19:
Sprintcarkelly (Kelly)- Team Green but hoping for a girl!
August 20:

August 21:

August 22:

August 23:
Starryblue702 (Krystal)- Team Green!!
August 24:
Abacaxi- will find out, hoping for a girl!
August 25:

August 26:

August 27:
Lovebuggy1 (Steph)- undecided but hoping for a girl!
August 28:

August 29:

August 30:

August 31:

September 5:
Ajmsmommy (Veronica)- Team Green but hoping for a girl!

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My due date is 8/23 and we will not be finding out the sex until delivery day, so we're team green and so excited about it! Not hoping for one sex over another, as I'm pretty used to being a male baby making machine lol! I have my one princess, so I'm fine either way it goes!

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We will be on team green but I will guess girl basesd on the Chinese Gender chart theory that was right for my first two kiddos Smile

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My EDD is August 27th. Haven't decided if we're going to find out or not...but I'm predicting a girl.

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I hope to be on team green, but I am thinking boy. Predicted due date 8/15 by ovulation, 8/8 by LPM. I'll update the due date after my dating u/s in a couple of weeks.

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EDD according to my dates, Aug 8th, u/s says 13th... I guess lets say the 10th just for fun, since EDD's don't mean much to me either way! And we'll be team green as well!

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EDD august 6, I think this one is a girl, but wouldn't be surprised to find a boy in there LOL

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EDD, Aug 12th. I think we will find out this time!

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EDD is August 1... I'm thinking and hoping boy.. DH is thinking boy but hoping girl lol. We're still undecided if we'll find out..... Smile

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EDD is August 15th. I will be on team green this time, but I have a feeling this baby is a boy.

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I finally got my EDD: August 24th. Hoping for a girl, and yes, I will find out.

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Im due August 13. im hopeing for a boy this time but either would be fine... I love my 4 girls.. and 1 son im pretty sure would love a brother since hes out numbered!!!!!

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I love seeing all the team greens! August will be full of surprises. My EDD is Sept 5, but both my other kiddos were early. We are also team green, but I would love a girl.

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My due date as of right now is August 25th. I've heard that the more girls you have, the higher chance you have of conceiving another girl. So..... logically speaking, it's probably another girl in there.

BUT.. my husband and I would REALLY like a boy this time Smile And yes, we will be finding out!

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I'm due aug 30 th my daughter wants a girl I just want a healthy baby.

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bethmcd_22 (Beth) Due date is officially Aug. 11. We are finding out next week!

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EDD 8/28:
We didn't find out gender with DD or DS, but pretty sure we will be finding out this time. DH and MIL are pushing really hard. I would kind of like to know. Doesn't matter either way as I already have one of each so am good to go with clothes, etc. Part of me would like to have another boy, just because DD will be almost 7 years older than this baby so I wouldn't imagine they'd be that close. If it's a boy, there'd be a little under 3 year spread btwn DS and baby and they could be great little buddies!
That said, I kind of think that it's a girl - if you follow the old wives tale about heart beat with doppler check. Heart rate was well > 140. If it is a girl, that would be tons of fun too - would be fun going through all of DD's old clothes Smile

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EDD is August 5, 2013 with boy/girl twins - they won't let me go past 38 weeks though so that's July 22nd. Hoping to keep them in that long!!!