Baby products you might be wondering about (q&a thread)

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Baby products you might be wondering about (q&a thread)

There are some new to me things I am wondering about:

4 piece bumpers for cribs. This seems like a great idea for washing, toddler beds converted from a crib, or cribs like mine that have one solid side. Rather than one long piece, there are 4 separate ones. Amazon has them if you want to see them.

Muslin blanket/wraps/swaddlers. Aden & Anais is a popular brand. Very large, thin cotton pieces that are lightweight and dry quickly. Seems like a good idea for swaddling without overheating. Also good for breastfeeding cover/stroller cover and more.

Baby legs. Like lleg warmers for babies, can be used instead of pants for easier diaper changes or to cover knees when crawling. I think these are really cute, but are they practical/useful?

Anyone have experience with these items, or an opinion? Please add your own items you want to know about, maybe someone has tried them and can offer advice.

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the muslin sounds awesome! I would probably just by muslin from a fabric store and cut it myself... but that's a great idea for a summer baby (especially in the middle east!!)
I love babylegs! I don't usually use them for newborns, but by 6 months they start to come in really handy. In winter you can add them under clothes, and esp with girls, it makes it easier to put her in a dress and still keep her legs warm! also around the house having baby in a onesie and babylegs makes diaper changes easier. and the company is awesome! I got a free pair at a babywearing event in NYC when I was pg with DD (6+ years ago) and I put them on DS cuz his skin was always so dry, so I would put on lotion and then pull on the "baby-neggies" as he called them! His skin cleared up sooo quickly! so I wrote to them and they sent me like 7 more pairs for free!! I'm a big fan of babylegs!

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Thanks Ayelet! I like the idea of baby legs as another layer in the winter. I think I will definitely keep my eyes open for a good deal on some.

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I love the muslin blankets. I used them for swaddling, carseat/carrier shade cover, and BFing.