Back from the US, what a trip!

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Back from the US, what a trip!

The last time I posted, we were getting ready to go visit my family. Well traveling was a nightmare, and the airline we flew with was a disaster - DO NOT FLY ALITALIA IF YOU HAVE KIDS!! They are so rude and not family friendly at all! They actually have a POLICY that they will not take your stroller off from gate check if you are in transit! We had a 6 hour stop-over in Rome with 4 kids and NO STROLLER!!! And that was after I requested in specially and was told before I left that it would be waiting for me in Rome!! And on the return flight, they cancelled our original flight which had a 4 hour stop over and switched us to a 10 HOUR STOP OVER AND DIDN'T INFORM US! If I hadn't spent 2 hours on the phone with orbitz the night before trying to switch my flight, it would have been worse. But I managed to get orbitz to switch us to a Delta/Alitalia flight from NY to Rome which was supposed to have a 1 hour stop over, but the plane was delayed and even though we were there in time to get on the plane, it was too late to check-in! so we still had the 10 hours, but because it was delta, they got us a hotel room, and even managed to procure some kosher food (which is no easy feat in Rome!). If we had been straight with Alitalia they would have maybe stuck us in the airport lounge with some water - could you imagine 10 hours with 4 kids, pregnant belly and being starving???? yeah, thank God that didn't happen!

Anyway, we made it there and back and the time with my family was lovely. The kids had an amazing time, my sister gave birth to a baby girl the day we arrived, so I got to see her when she was first born and then I got to see her first smile before we left! that was really special.

My brother (the one who broke off his engagement) is doing ok, it was rough for him, but it was really good that we were all around with him and he and I had some good talks that I hope helped him.

We did a TON of shopping and eating - that was fun! All in all it was a really nice trip, and I'm really happy to be home.

Of course the adventure doesn't stop there, though. We got home to a knock from our landlady reminding us that our lease is up at the end of May and that she isn't interested in renewing it b/c she wants to try to convince her mother to move back in! I had a minor panic attack, especially since school goes through June, and I am not interested in relocating with one month left to the school year! But I went and checked my lease and sure enough, we actually have till July 3rd. I haven't gone over to correct her yet... but at least I'm breathing a little easier. That's not to say that we have a place to move into and I REALLY don't want to move to another rental...

So now we are frantically researching our options, tomorrow I need to go to our bank and also call a mortgage broker to see what we can even afford to borrow (the banks her are much stricter than in the US and Canada about how much you can take out for a mortgage.) and DH started bringing home boxes today from work so we can start the arduous horrible task of packing.

Stress much??!!! :fallingbricks::fallingbricks::help1:

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Wow, that does sound stressful! How nice that you got to be there when your neice was born though!!

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Wow!!!! It doesn't rain it pours!!!!!
Can't believe how badly treated you guys were on the flights!!!
Glad you got to your family safe and got to see lilone born. Amazing!!!
The shopping you did? Amazing baby clothes? Pics?

Hope your living arrangements get sorted soon.
The last thing you need is stress!!!

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haha! yeah, actually, I didn't buy much for the bub, we've got tons of boys and girls clothes and most of the gear we'll ever need. I do have two big things on my wishlist though - but they won't fit in anyone's luggage! I really want a nursing glider/rocking chair, something really sturdy and comfy that I can fall alseep in! And I want this: Fisher-Price Deluxe Newborn Rock 'N Play Sleeper, Snugabunny: Baby
My sister borrowed one from her SIL while we were there and it looks awesome! higher off the ground than a bouncer and more snuggly for baby too.

So my IL's recently bought an apt in Jerusalem, and they just put they're US house on the market, they are talking about shipping some of their furniture, books, etc... in the summer, so I'm hoping to get those things put on their shipment. DREAMS!!!