Big u/s tomorrow!!

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Big u/s tomorrow!!

Tomorrow's the day!!! 20 weeks!
We're having a crazy spring weather storm though - rain, ice, sleet, snow and it's to continue through Thursday morning. It's awful out there! They called today and said my MW is stuck 4 hours away, so they cancelled my appt with her, but will keep my u/s Smile
DD's school was cancelled for tomorrow because of the weather, so now she gets to come with me to the u/s. She had asked a while ago if she could go, and decided I wasn't going to pull her out of school for it - so now she gets to come along. Hoping daycare is still open for DS because he would be a huge distraction. Unfortunately though, my mom won't make it for the scan Sad She has just over 1 hour drive to get here and planned to come but I told her not to risk it. She's disappointed but doesn't want to risk the drive either.
I'm excited and nervous all at once. I just pray that everything looks ok and baby is healthy. Last night I was reading back on my results from my 20 week scan with DS and all the emotions and stress came flooding back. Hope we don't have to go through that again! I'll update when I can!!!!

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Good luck!!!!!!!!
I may not get to check in for a few days but will try!!!!
Hope you love meeting your baby xxxxxx