Birth Story and a bit about our baby's name

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Birth Story and a bit about our baby's name

The official story! Don't believe any other versions ;-P

We named our son Tzuriel. It means God is my rock. We really connected with how that relates to everything about this past year. Everything from finding out we were pregnant, to all the moving insanity, to everything going on around us in the Mid-east, and right down to his birth. We were reminded that in a turbulent and ever-changing reality, the only constant is our faith in God, and truly, God's faith in us! Somehow, as crazy as it's been, everything has fallen into place just perfectly! (Remember the original village we were going to move to and all the confusion and everything that was going on with that??? Well the previous tenants just moved out last Thursday and they had to turn off the water in the house b/c there's some crazy leak!! We would have been homeless for a month and then moved into a house with no water with a brand new baby!!! I feel so blessed and looked after!!)

So that's the story of Tzuriel's name, and here's a picture from last week:
[IMG]" alt="" />[/IMG]

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Love the name! How is it pronounced? Did your parents make it in time? I was just wondering about his name and your parents this morning Smile

Great birth story! And cute picture!

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Love the name and the meaning.... Perfect.

Living your birth story too.
Could almost feel like I was there.
So happy for you

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Love it!!!