Blood pressure, GBS & moving, oh my! (ok, tiny vent..)

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Blood pressure, GBS & moving, oh my! (ok, tiny vent..)

So @ my appointment on Monday, my midwife restricted me from all of the vacation bible school prep I've been planning on doing...

She said that my blood pressure keeps gradually rising, despite the fact that it feels like I'm drinking enough water to keep a camel hydrated and eating enough protein to satisfy a t-rex haha.

Then she asked, "Have you been getting plenty of rest?" ...... uhhhhhhhhhhhmmm... yes?.... Blum 3

Well let's see... in 3 weeks, we're moving back up to where our school is bc hubby's internship ends... baby's due in 3 weeks... VBS is next week... this weekend is a baby shower which I am so grateful for but did not ask for (and truly, don't really need! I feel so guilty tehe) ... plus driving an hour every week to the midwife appointments and.. and.. and... is it any wonder my blood pressure is starting to rise? haha!
(I thought of you, Ayelet... don't know how you managed moving with all of your little ones already lol)

In all actuality, I'm not too worried about the possibility of preeclampsia/toxemia because I've been feeling great and have had zero symptoms besides a little foot/hand swelling which has gotten better with the extra protein...

But in other news - have any of the rest of you had your group b strep (GBS) test yet? Oh my gosh, had that on Monday, too... Thankfully they let me do it myself by saying, "Put this swab into your rectum and swirl it around" ... that was an interesting experience, I must say.

So hoping that comes back negative and have one less thing to worry about when labor rolls around...

I know we're all in this boat together and everyone's starting to feel the last big push toward the end (haha, ok ok, pun intended) .... glad you're all on this journey, too!!! Minus the stress....! Wink

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You just listen to the docs though madam!!!
No overdoing it!!!!!
Enjoy your baby shower!!!!!!
I refused one as it's too complicated with people I just don't want there. Lol

I am guessing I'll have those tests soon... A rectum swab eh?
Now I am scared!! Bad enough having a horse tablet up there every night without have a swab!!
M would offer to do it for me I reckon.... Double yeurgh!!!!!!

I am scared now!!! Lol

Can't believe you are moving either!!!
Good luck with that!!!

Can't believe it's 3 weeks!!!!!!!

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15 days for you, though Liz, right??? sooo exciting!
Liss, you're doing great! keep staying hydrated and keeping your protein up. also eat plenty of fruits and veggies and remember not to limit your salt intake, that is an old stupid myth that has been disproven over and over!! try a cup of miso soup in the evening, or some tahini on salad (my favorite easy recipe: 1 cup sesame paste, juice of 1/2 a lemon, 2 cloves garlic crushed, salt and pepper to taste and some fresh chopped dill. then just slowly add water until you get the consistency you want, less fro spreading, more for dressing or dipping!)

I don't honestly know how I've been managing! today I slept for almost 2 hours b/c I was having consistent (though not strong) contractions!! I have some wonderful neighbors who have been helping me unpack and my kids are all out with friends all the time!! (this place is awesome!)

put your feet up when you can, and drink nettle and red raspberry leaf tea if you can find it. (it's absolutely delicious if you add some honey when it's still hot and then chill it for several hours before drinking!)