Blooming ouch!!

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Blooming ouch!!

This breast feeding lark is hard work!!
Just when I think I have it a huge scab appears!! Literally.
My right nipple is so sore that I can't let him on it today.
I have manages to cope with it the last xouple of days and this morning I thought I was through the barrier.
But it is blooming against now.
I spoke to my friend/ breast feeding expert who has been helping me and she goes on hol tomorrow so xouldn't get over.
But she has called another expert who will come out Monday.
I just need to be watches feeding as I am obviously doing something wrong.
Midwife is coming out tomorrow
They want me to keep trying to have him latch on the right so I don't loose my milk but I don't know if I can.
I can however express as there is no little tongue playing.

I am seriously considering expressing and adding it to breast milk
Instead of solely breasrfeeding.
I am so proud of what I have done...ibut I need to know that he's getting enough and I. Can't take the pain!!

On a different note... We are off to registerEd in a bit Wink

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When that happened to me I had to hold the babies in different positions while nursing them. The different positions took the pressure off the really sore spots and gave them a chance to heal. Sorry that you're having so much trouble. It really is tortuous in the beginning, but if you get through it it becomes second nature and so easy!

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This is the hardest part, the first few weeks. I had a milk blister with Zach and it was very painful. I pumped on that side until it was better. Still very painful but I could adjust the speed/pressure. I hope you find a solution that works for you, and I hope Ed is keeping the weight on for you. Take it one day at a time. Breastfeeding is hard but worth it. Huge hugs!! And if it makes you feel better, I have been in tears over breastfeeding issues with each baby, but managed to make it through.

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Thanks for the support and kind words ladies!!'
Really appreciate it!!
Will try different positions.... I don't want to give up... So hopefully I won't

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Oh Liz... Believe me. I know what you are going through. With all three of my kiddos, I'd clamp down on the handle of their Binky like it was a leather strap. But it's doable with persistence. I'm glad you are seeking help.

Here's something that helped me with Evie's latch and lip tie issues that couldn't be fix till over a year because of the severity. The pics and instruction towards the bottom really helped me aim her right.

LLLI | How do I position my baby to breastfeed?

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Thank you Nell!!!
Much appreciated!!!!!
I just expressed from said breast and got loads!!!
So at least I can keep it working!!!
Ed is sleeping still after gorging on the other one.
Guessing he'll wake soon.