breathlessness ?

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breathlessness ?

Sometimes I will be going about my day and have to stop and take some deep breaths because I feel out of breath. Is this normal at this stage? Could it be braxton hicks (don't notice anything in my belly but baby moving, but maybe it's not baby). I don't remember this from before but it has been a while. I feel like this baby is bigger and more active than the others. I will find out wednesday about her size, maybe I am carrying differently/higher too.

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Yes it's normal.
I have had it for weeks.
All our innards are squashed up to make you for our lo's and it makes us breathless.
Plus the weight if us and babies and placenta and fluid etc.


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Thanks Liz.

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Hi Stephanie! its pretty normal, it could be BH... I've been having them since 25 weeks! we're definitely more sensitive to the bh ctrx as we have more babies. it could be shortness of breath due to what Liz said... if it starts to happen really often when you're not doing too much to cause it, then I'd mention it to the dr/mw. in rare cases breathlessness can be due to bp changes which could mean pre-eclampsia. but its rare and doesnt sound like that ar all to me.