Dislike searching for daycare!

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Dislike searching for daycare!

So I need to find daycare for this new baby!
DD is in school so she's all set and DS is currrently at an in home daycare that we are happy with, BUT she doesnt take infants so the search is on! Been working at it slowly for the past month already.
I really hate calling up random people that I know nothing about and asking if they will watch my infant this fall Sad

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That really doesn't sound fun. At least you aren't in a rush to find someone. I don't even like finding babysitters for a night out. Good luck, I hope you find someone perfect Blum 3

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Awww Sad That must be really difficult Sad

I've been a nanny for 2 different families - both with an older child (2-3years) and an infant (one was newborn when I started, the other was 3 months). For me personally, I LOVED taking care of the babies but I know not everyone is like that...:/
I hope you can find a wonderful daycare provider for your sweet baby!!!