The doctors are...

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The doctors are...

seriously over the top. I've had to consent to the twice weekly appointments, or they would drop me as a patient, and I would have to attend the bigger hospital in the area. The trade off was that they agreed not to induce me at 39 weeks, and they would give me 2 u/s between 32 weeks and delivery instead of one every Friday like they originally wanted.

The MWs continue to be helpful, understanding, and my advocates, but the doctors are in my opinion ridiculous. This past Friday I went in for one of the two u/s. That morning I woke up to use the bathroom around 4am, and the baby was so active for 2 1/2 hours that I was unable to fall back to sleep. Fast forward a few hours, and I felt the baby every once in a while, but it was pretty quiet. I went in for my u/s at 9, and the baby was asleep. After having the u/s for 30 minutes, the baby was not moving, or practicing its breathing. The baby was asleep! Due to the lack of movement and practice breathing they sent me off to the hospital for 4-6 hours of monitoring. They didn't want to listen to the fact that just hours before the baby was partying, and up until that point it had always passed its tests with flying colors.

About 15 minutes into the monitoring a doctor that I had never met before came in and told me that she was glad that I came in, because a baby who fails their u/s so poorly like mine had often has huge issues, and it can be a sign of being brain dead! Then she followed it up with, the baby looks good on the monitors, and that she was going back down to the clinic.

The baby passed the NST without and difficulties. It is amazing what eating lunch and giving the baby a chance to wake up can do! Then they repeated the u/s and the baby passed in the first 2 minutes.

Today Barry and I took the girls in for checkups and Barry asked our PCP what the protocol is for a mom and baby with GD. She said that if the mom isn't gaining a lot of weight (I'm not), the numbers are well controlled, (mine are), the baby is growing normally (mine is), then there is no reason to treat the mother any differently then a typically pregnancy other then maybe inducing at 39 weeks to prevent the baby from being too big (mine hasn't been). I then told her the story of last Friday and she was shocked that I was treated that way.

I honestly don't know what to do, this whole process is stressing me out completely. They just keep sighting the increased possibility of still birth over and over again.

Pregnancy wise I feel great, mentally I'm feeling stressed and defeated. Six more weeks of torture. Sad

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Over here they use the 'stillbirth' thing a lot.
Well to me anyway but I am happy to c section early.
But the way you were treated and spoken to the other day is awful!!
That would have panicked me hearing all that!!
I hope the people will be spoken to!!
I understand erring on the side of caution but stressing out a mum is not on!!
They say that our babes get into routines and we are the only ones who can tell what the routine is.. So surely the key word here is listening!!!!!
Sorry they treated you like this!
Huge huge hugs.
We'll all have a different kind of stress in a few weeks Smile xxx

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I'm so sorry you are going through this!! it seems from what you wrote that you don't really have any other options for care providers, which also sucks!
Trust your body, you knew exactly what was going on with your baby! And the dr's are so often completely unfamiliar with normal birth so that they really can't relate to a woman actually knowing best what is right for her and her baby. Plus, it doesn't help that they have to cover their pretty little bums.

Get yourself some motherwort tincture and take a dose before your next appt, and then again after. It really helps to calm a momma's nerves (I totally double dosed myself today after a harrowing experience with my current landlady! totally not related to the pregnancy, but extremely stressful and horrible and manipulative!! and I was able to calm down after taking it)

Just keep listening to your body and trust yourself, and only do what they want for the sake of being able to birth with your midwives. Keep your goal in mind and ignore their stupidity so you can have what you ultimately want. I'm so sorry that in order to have that you have to be subjected to stupidity and discomfort! I hope you find peace with this very soon and have a healthy last 6 weeks until you meet your LO!!


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ZOMG! I would be switching after that sort of treatment. I changed to a midwife at 32 weeks because the doctors I had been seeing were @##holes.

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Sorry you have to deal with this. BTDT with my first 2 and pre-e. Even this time nobody will let me have a VBA2C and the only reason is "we don't do that here". In other words, it's all about liability/money. But if I were a doctor, I would be darn careful too. It is really sad that things are this way.