Double figures!!!! Eeeeeeeepppp!!!!

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Double figures!!!! Eeeeeeeepppp!!!!

Can't believe I have hit 99 days left!!!!!!
Can't believe I hit 3rd trimester next week!!!
Never ever did me and M think we would ever see this day!!!
It's amazing!!!
Especially as I sit here typing junior is kicking and playing in my belly.

Soooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!
So far it's defainetly worth all the losses and heartbreak and time and drugs and tests and everything!!!
In approximately 99 days I will be holding my very own son in my arms!!!
Soooo excited!!!

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So excited for you!! And all of us!

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Liz-so incredibly happy for you! Smile

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Yaaaa!!! That's so exciting! It will be here before you know it:)

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Woooooohooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super excited for you!!! Smile :) Smile :) Smile

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Thanks girls!!!
I am super excited for all of us!!

I wonder when the 'fear' will set in lol

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This made me smile.

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I am loving all your preggo statuses and this post makes me smile inside and out!!

I can't wait to 'meet' the little dude!