Filling those cravings!!

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Filling those cravings!!

So last weekend my hankering for chinese food just got out of hand. I don't know if I've mentioned that there is no chinese takeout place anywhere in my vicinity, and the closest asian place is 40 minutes away, won't deliver this far and isn't that good anyway. I couldn't even find eggroll wrappers ANYWHERE!

So I took matter into my own hands!! I made it from scratch!
I made eggrolls, general tzo's chicken, beef stir fry, lo mein noodles, and wonton soup! It was sooooooo good!!!!!! really tasted just like NY chinese take out, mmmmmm!

I'm sure that it's nothing like what actual people in China eat, but hey, it's what I know and love, and it worked for me! (it's like getting a Shawarma or a felafel anywhere but here - gross! But if you don't know any better, you might like it!)

Anyway, here are some pictures of my insanity:
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and here's a bonus unrelated adorable picture of my 18 month old DS taking his shoe for a walk!
[IMG]" alt="" />[/IMG]

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Oh gosh you're making me hungry for good Chinese food (very difficult to find in TX when used to CA Chinese food!) .....!
You were a busy little chef weren't you!? I know how labor intensive Chinese food is to make but sometimes.. you've just gotta do what you've gotta do... Smile
Love the shoe in stroller pic!! hehe Smile

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I am so jealous!!
I can't have anything I want really!!!
Stoopid GD!!!

I swear.... Once this boy is here I am going to a Chinese all you can eat buffet!!! And eat chocolate cake for dessert and have a huge glass of wine!!! Lol

Or I might get you to come here and cook for me!!! Lol

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Yum!! Good idea, homemade is probably healthier. I love Chinese food but haven't had any in ages since my husband won't eat it.