Finally have our u/s scheduled...**updated with partial results

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Finally have our u/s scheduled...**updated with partial results

for Monday!! This is our first one, I hope all is healthy with our baby! We will attempt to find out gender, our boys were happy to show us so I hope this one will cooperate too!!! Can you tell I am excited? Biggrin

UPDATE: We had our u/s but have to keep gender a secret until after Easter. But I can share that there is just one sweet baby in there and as far as I know, baby looked healthy!!

We had a crazy weekend and I thought I might not make it over to the u/s. My 7 year old was sent home sick on friday, he had a bad fever and wouldn't hardly eat, just wanted to sleep. We went to take him to urgent care and were all packed in the van when I realized I had a flat tire. He ended up getting better by monday, and my husband was able to take us in his car to the u/s so it worked out. I was worried about needing something to keep my mind off the u/s all weekend, I guess I didn't need to worry about that, it flew by!

ETA: baby was 10 oz, and measured 19 weeks 4 days when I was 20 weeks 6 days. That concerns me a little, anyone know if I should be concerned? My others measured within 2 days of due date.

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You got me thinking - we didn't find out gender for the other two kids, but plan to on this one - it would be just our luck that when we DO want to find out, the baby won't cooperate so we still won't know!!

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Updated in first post

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Glad the baby is healthy and can't wait to hear what the sex is.

I don't think I would worry to much if it is just off by a week. Due dates can often be a week or sometimes 2 weeks off. if you are really concerned though I would talk to your doctor and see what he/she has to say.

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I can't wait to hear what you're having! All babies grow differently, so try not to worry. Smile

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Yay! Can't wait to read what you are having. Don't worry about the measurements sometimes that happens.

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With my last pregnancy my son's head and legs measured a week or 8 days ahead of my EDD. Funny since now he's on the shorter side.
u/s can be off by a week or two, so I wouldn't worry too much, esp if the dr isn't concerned Smile

Congrats on your pregnancy!!

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I wouldn't worry to much about the dates/size either. Can't wait to hear the final results Smile