First major buy....

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First major buy....

..... Knew if I text mil she would call df and suggest he puts a deposit on my dream buggy/pram!!

Never thought I would coo over a baby travel system... Had reserved that for clothes and decorating etc... But then I saw this today and fell in love!!!

Silver Cross 3D Complete Pram and Pushchair - Metropolitan - prams & pushchairs - Mothercare

Put a deposit down and just need to pay at the beginning of July.

Even got a free car seat!!!
Being silver cross its good value!!!

Soooo happy!!!!
Loving my seaside break Smile xxxxx

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That looks like a really nice one!

Thinking back, I think our first major purchase was also the stroller/carseat because I fell in love with a discontinued model and had to get it fast.

So far for this baby all I have for her is a few adorable outfits from a yard sale. I am still in disbelief that this baby is a girl and I hope to have another u/s before I spend a lot. There is a pink carseat I really want though Smile

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We went out today and were just looking around at wardrobes and we looked at other buggys just to look... But there are do many cute prams and buggys and such for girls. Boys seem so limited.... There was a blooming fur lined buggy that looked like a giant Eskimo coat!!! Lol
Plus all the clothes.... Oh the girls stuff there is done amazing clothes and boys again are limited.
Only a quarter is dedicated to little boys whereas girls seem to have 3 quarters!!
I love being a girl!!!

We are finding some cute stuff for our lad though.
I'll post a couple of bits in a bit.

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Nice stroller!!

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You're just too cute Liz - having a baby is sooo exciting and you'll find you get really happy over tiny things haha.