GD test/appointment this morning

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GD test/appointment this morning

Glad the 1 hour is over with!! Now I have to wait and see if I get a call friday or monday. No news is good news kind of thing. With my first two they did a finger prick right in the office and I knew right away. This time they took a whole vial of blood and sent it to the lab. Different place though, maybe this is more accurate?

Met one of the doctors, she was great! She made me feel better about my small babies and basically said I probably just make small babies, plus the high blood pressure issue. But I get an u/s next time to keep tabs on her growth/size. I don't have to eat extra, that won't help her grow bigger than she is going to be.

All my blood work came back clear/good and she said my iron was perfect, yay!

So I go back in 3 weeks to meet another doctor and see my baby girl on u/s!

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hoping for "no news" for you! good that you have a dr you like who is supportive and reassuring instead of alarmist! it's good to remember that for most healthy women, the variations of whats "normal" is really vast! (i.e. the ideal size for a newborn, etc...) hope all the drs in the practice are like that!!

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Yay for a fab doc!!
Makes it so much nicer!!!!
Hoping again that 'no news is good news' for you!!!!
Can't believe that we are all nearing the last tri mester!!!!!!

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Well I really hope you have passed this as I hated that part with my first pregnancy. Thankfully I am going to decline this time around, I didn't do it with my other 2 pregnancies and my doctors were fine with it.

And some people have small babies and small people have large babies, unless it is crazy I don't think the doctors should worry to much. Smile

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Well, I failed the 1 hour glucose screen, so on to the 3 hour next tuesday Sad My number was 173. I really hope I don't have GD because I already have to watch sodium for bp/pre-e risk. There is going to be little left to eat and I am hungry!! The good news is at 25 weeks I am still 2 pounds under where I started this pregnancy.

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Sorry you have to do the 3 hour test Sad

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Any news about the 3 hour?
I feel you about not knowing what to eat!!
Seriously... I am there.
Hope all has gone okay xxxxx

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Awww I'm sorry that you didn't pass the 1 hour Sad
How did things go for the other one? Any results yet? Hope things are going ok for you!!! :bigarmhug:

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I hope that you passed the 3 hour! I have GD, and I haven't even taken the 3 hour for my current and last pregnancy. I figured if I failed the first then I must have it after failing the 3 our with my first pregnancy.

Hopefully you are much more successful!

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I don't have the 3 hour until April 30, and then a couple of days more for results. I seem to get worse each pregnancy. The first I passed the one hour, second I failed the one hour and barely passed the 3 hour. So I do worry about this time, although I am in better shape and at a lower weight than the last pregnancy. I don't really mind changing my diet as much as I worry about having to prick myself to sugar test. And then I worry that it won't go away after birth. I wonder if you have to do another glucose test post-partem?

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I have a post birth glucose test booked already.
Praying it goes away. Mostly it does sometimes not apparently but you are at risk of it developing later in life.
Good luck!!! Keep us posted!!!! Xxxx