Gender: will you find out sooner or later?

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Gender: will you find out sooner or later?

We are currently in disagreement over this. My husband wants to find out by ultrasound, I am considering waiting. We have never waited before. I know it would be nice to prepare the kids for brother or sister, and I know family will want to know.

What are you doing and why?

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I don't want to find out but DH does, so who knows what will happen? I have found out with all of my others, and I thought this time around it would be nice to be surprised... But I guess that makes it harder to plan. I have no idea what to do...

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I am hoping to wait. My husband would find out today if he could. I on the other hand have always been intrigued by the people who have enough control to wait, and I would like to try it out. It would be easier for our kids to know, but this is definitely my last and I will never have the chance to try waiting again! My husband has always wanted a 3D u/s too, and I have always thought that it was too expensive. I still think that it is too expensive, but maybe I could use it as a compromise.

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I don't like surprises, so we're definitely finding out the gender.

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Team green here! I think it will be really hard to wait but I think it will be worth it to find out at birth!

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We have decided not to find out this time, and I am so excited. DH really wanted to know with the other two, but is fine with waiting this time. Since we have one of each gender already, we are pretty much set with clothing etc, so we figure why not find out at delivery?

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I'm surprised at so many that might not find out the gender!!!!

I did not find out gender with my first two pregnancies, but was contemplating finding out this time, just because I never have. Who knows it's still early. It really is fun for it to be a surprise though!! I already have everything boy & girl so it would not matter if we didn't find out. Maybe we won't this time either..... Smile

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With my first three I wanted to know but couldnt bc my OB office was stuck in the dark ages and didnt do routine u/s you only got one if there was an issue. And I had one to two u/s with all three but even then they wouldn't tell you unless it was very apparent they wouldn't look. Then w/ my 4th-through my last I've gone to a 3d place to find out we finally got one within driving distance! My office does routine u/s now but they still won't guarantee boy or girl like the 3d places do. So yep we will find out ASAP! We make a whole day of it and take all the kids and my mom it's so fun!

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I only found out with one, DD, mostly b/c I was sure i was having a girl and DS was asking for a sister and I figured it would be good to be prepared if we were wrong. my dd is dying for a sister, she told me she's been praying every day! (I haven't told the kids yet! but somehow they all are talking about babies - kids have a 6th sense!) So I'm considering finding out this time just to prepare her if it is another boy, but I have faith in her that she'll handle it, and I much prefer to find out at birth. There's something so surreal about discovering your child in those first moments after birth, it's very intense for me, and I love it.
I guess we'll see what wins out!

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We didn't find out with dd, but I think we will this time.

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*lurk from June*

GL to those of you who disagree with your DH's! I've been going through the same thing with mine (I didn't want to find out, he does) and finally settled on finding out because it just seems more important to him. I think it would be fun and a great surprise, but he feels devastated not knowing and being able to mentally bond with the baby which he feels like he can't do until it's a "real person" to him with a gender. I get to feel the baby moving and all that good stuff so I have a hard case arguing against that! Anyway, that was what we decided for better or worse and we're finding out in 3 weeks! Biggrin

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We're torn between finding out or not... but we'll probably end up doing so. Wink

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I am adamant about not wanting to know until the birth. Total opposite of the other two where I HAD to know immediately. This time... I just want it to be a surprise. Part of the reason is I don't want gender to be such an end-all-be-all issue. We have two boys, and yes we'd like a girl, but mostly we just want a baby. My MIL is SO annoying about it however. She always complains about how there are no girls in the family- she especially did it a lot after we found out my second was a boy. It made me really mad. So now I ust want gender to take a back seat, focus on bonding with my baby as my baby during the pregnancy, and wait and see at birth.

DH though, wants to find out. I don't know if this is going to work or not, but he's going to find out and keep it from me (and everyone else of course). We've talked extensively about it and I do trust him because he's reeeeally good at surprises and keeping secrets.

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Jessica, my DH wants to do the same... I don't know if I could trust him to know and keep it from me. I think that I should get more of a day because I have to carry the baby! I'm sure this will be a big fight!

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This is my second child so we will find out. I am such a planner and want all clothes/toys/furniture etc to be bought before baby is born

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Well I think we are going to find out, but I am not in a hurry. I think it will be fun to do a gender reveal celebration with an easter theme! If we wait until baby is born, I will probably be so uncomfortable and sick I won't care. I have had 2 c/s so my hopes for a vaginal birth are not high, although it is what I want. I am always miserable and can't keep anything down for 12 hours after.

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I finally talked DH I to waiting until delivery to find out the sex! This will be so exciting as we have never waited before! So happy to be on team green with this baby