Getting excited for tomorrows

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Getting excited for tomorrows

appointment!!! Woohoo! Should be getting an u/s to comfirm due date plus all the other not so fun stuff.
Blum 3 10 weeks today! Ready to see my bean.

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ohhh how exciting Smile do they do an ultrasound right in the doctors office? I have to call and schedule at a different place and it can literally be weeks before you get one.

Hope it all goes well Smile

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I assume so, new dr, but they did mention it and didn't say anything about having to schedule anything. But with DD it was at the drs office.

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Yay, good luck tomorrow! I have my first visit too....I am excited and nervous at the same time.

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So jealous! My appt isn't for another two weeks! So excited for you! They do u/s in my dr office as well... I think around 12 weeks so hopefully ill get one soon since ill be 10 weeks at my appt. let us know how it goes!

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Oh! Mine is in about 7 hours! So excited for all of us. Here's hoping for good news all around!

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Baby measured 10 weeks 4 days, so a little ahead of my calculations. Heart rate was 160!