The good, the bad & the ugly (Game time!!!)

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The good, the bad & the ugly (Game time!!!)

Let's play a game!

List one thing about your day, week, life, etc. that's good, one that's bad and one that's "ugly"... Wink
Post as often as you like!

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Here's mine... because I wanted to whine.. Wink

Good: Had yummy enchiladas for lunch and have made several new friends in the past couple of days... woohoo! Smile

Bad: We've moved to a town 3 hrs away for DH's summer internship - will probably be moving back up to where school is either when I'm 9months pg or with a newborn, roughly 2 weeks before school starts... joy of joys... Fool

Ugly: My feet are swelling/have stretched and several pairs of shoes no longer fit - hoping this is temporary!!!!

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good: finally got our room ready for baby and bought her some stuff this week (including a travel system!)
bad: I keep dropping stuff today, including a full cup of water.
ugly: stretch marks are showing up

Liss, sorry you are having to move, I dislike moving a lot! We need a bigger house but I would just rather wait than move with a newborn. Oh, and the swelling was so bad with my second baby. It is so uncomfortable!! I remember wearing slippers to my c-section because the only other pair of shoes that fit, my cat peed in (she knew something was up).

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Well, lets see:

Good- Weather is nice today. Hope to get some outside time with DD today.

Bad- Hip pain at night when all I want to do is go to sleep. DH is gonna kick me to the couch one of these nights! lol

Ugly- My nails! I need a mani & pedi so bad!!!

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Hmmm.... Good.... I have great friends and family Smile

Bad.... My sugar levels are going mad!!

Ugly.... My hoo haa is so overgrown I feel like a cave woman!!!

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good: my house is quiet, all my kids are in their respective daytime programs!
bad: my ability to sleep at night has gotten progressively harder the past 2 weeks
ugly: huge varicose veins on the back of my right leg! painful and gross!