goodbye (m/c ment)

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goodbye (m/c ment)

Unfortunately, I'm not going to get to stick around with you ladies. Wishing you all happy, healthy pregnancies.

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noooo Sad im so sorry to hear that

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Oh no! I am soo sorry Sad

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So sorry! Take care of yourself and those adorable boys!

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Oh no I'm so very sorry Virginia. I know words can't help but know I'm thinking of you.

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So sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself.

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I am so very, very sorry for your loss. Sad :( Sad
Know that I am thinking and praying for you right now

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So sorry, hon! ((((Hugs))))

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So very sorry. Thinking about you!

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I'm so sorry... Good luck with ttc again!

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So sorry Virginia! :bigarmhug: