Had to reschedule my 1st OB appt :(

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Had to reschedule my 1st OB appt :(

I was suppose to have my 1st OB appt yesterday & was so excited!!! But, DD was diagnosed with influenza A on Monday and then I came down with the exact same symptoms. My OB said it wasn't worth testing me & assumed I have the same thing Sad Both of us were immunized so it's a real bummer that we still got it. They started DD on tamiflu & DS as well to prevent it. But my OB recommended I not take it. She just said keep your temp under 101, rest & keep drinking fluids.
Well, I couldn't keep my temp down yesterday with Tylenol Sad So she told me to take a few doses of ibuprofen along with the tylenol. That made me nervous, but it did the trick. I'm watching my temp today & trying to go without the ibuprofen. She also said I could use some robitussin.
I've never had influenza before but it really sucks!!! My throat & lungs hurt so bad when I cough Sad
Needless to say, she didn't want me coming in for my appt yesterday, so it go rescheduled to next week. So, now I wait one more week to hear baby's heartbeat!!

I'm so ready for this winter to be done (can I whine??) - on top of the pregnancy nausea, I had a sinus infection, then stomach flu, now influenza - that's enough right?? I just want to be healthy again!!!!

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Oh Dawn, I am sorry you have been so sick! I hope you feel better soon! I have only had a cold so far but Feb is usually our month for the worst stuff.

My son had the flu last spring and Tamiflu worked wonders. I normally give minimal meds to my kids but he was just feeling awful. I think the tamiflu saved the rest of us from getting it too.

I read that ibuprofen is only dangerous during the 3 rd trimester because of the risk of bleeding. However, I don't blame you for not wanting to put a bunch of drugs in your body with baby. Feel better soon!!

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Wow! I really hope you and your family start to feel better and I am sure a week will fly by in no time. Rest if you can and I hope you feel better soon.