Has my last scan...

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Has my last scan...

... Ob and diabetic appointment today.
Ninja is weighing in at an oz under 6lb.
Still head down.
He is gorgeous Smile
Ob is happy to say goodbye and leave me with surgeon etc in 2 weeks.
Diabetic clinic have said they are impressed with me and no more appointments needed.
Any problems just call them.
Said as soon as the boy is out to stop blood tests and even thinking about sugar and concentrate on him
Just keep my glucose test in a few weeks and good luck!!

Got a local midwife appointment Thursday... I wondering that will be my last.
My pre op the following Thursday.

A midwife has suggested I start expressing this week to build up my supply for 2 weeks.. Will need to call specialist midwife as my antenatal on breast feeding was cancelled due to home birth on Saturday.

So excited!!!!
So happy!!!

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Liz!! Already!! Geez that went fast! I am so happy for you! Cant wait to meet your little baby boy!!

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Sounds like everything is going great!! 2 weeks!!!!! so excited for you!

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Wow, fantastic job Liz! I know that GD was a challenge. So excited for you to meet your little guy soon! He sounds like a great size.

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Thanks ladies!!!
It is so strange how quickly it's come round!!
Guessing the next 2 weeks are going to drag!!
So pleased my bro is on his way from the airport now though!!
He's over from Florida for his wedding so have a couple of hectic days to keep me occupied!!!

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2 WEEKS!!!!


You will have to do your VERY best to post LOTS of squishy pics! Biggrin

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Wowzers, that has flown by! I can't believe it's only 2 weeks away!!

I cannot wait to see his adorable face and hear what you named him. He's one lucky boy to have you and M Smile


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Lurking and stalking you, I can't believe its so close! I am so excited for you!