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    Well, I thought I'd maybe dodge it this time, but it's definitely started again! With DD I had HORRIBLE - and I mean horrible - reflux the entire time, so I suppose I'm lucky I avoided it almost halfway this pregnancy. But lately, I've noticed that if I eat late and/or lay down too soon after eating, I am miserable at night. I've been having to take a lot of Tums at night, which means I'll probably end upon Prilosec again. Anyone else getting heartburn?
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    Not really, I had it for a little bit a couple weeks back and I thought it was going to hang around but it must have just been something I was eating. But I can understand how you are feeling, I had it with my first and second. I don't remember when it started though. I hope yours lets up so you don't need extra medicine.
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    Didn't really every have much heartburn with my pregnancies. I have had a few nights in the past week though where I've had a little bit of heartburn before going to bed and have been using Tums as well. Hope it doesn't get any worse!
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