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Hello :)

Hello Everyone.

My name is Samantha and currently I am pregnant with #5..... Shocked... OH YES.. lol.

My husband Rob and I got married in July after 5 years and between us we have 4 children Smile

Joshua is mine from a previous relationship and he just turned 6 in September.
Stephen is Robs from a previous relationship and he just turned 5 in August.

Together we have 2 girls.
Kayrael turned 2 on Novemebr 29th and Keira turned 1 on November 23rd.... So they are 11 months and 3 weeks apart. It an be a very very big handful but they are also super cute and adorable and they love each other..... most of the time.

We were using Natural Family planning to prevent pregnancy but with an unplanned pregnancy in august that ended in a miscarriage my cycle was really odd and for the last two cycles I couldn't tell if I had ovulated or not.. So needless to say on December 26th after I was about a week or two late we found out I was indeed pregnant.

Now I am not getting excited really or even telling ANYONE because I have a very bad history of miscarriages. All together this will have been my 8th pregnancy. And with only 3 full term pregnancies the odds aren't really in my favour.. But we shall see, I am having an ultrasound on the 24th to date the pregnancy and to see if it is viable as well and hopefully once I know for sure I can feel truly excited. Smile

Oh ya one little tid bit before I end this.. I have been on this site before but I have lost my last sign in and password and my brain doesn't function that well these days. Smile

Hope to be able to stick around for the long haul and get to know you ladies Smile


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Welcome Samantha!
Due to your previous mc (I am so so sorry) are they doing a quantitative beta?

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So sorry for your previous losses, but congratulations on your new pregnancy. Smile

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They aren't checking the levels but instead I am having an early ultrasound. If the baby isn't viable then I go and have a D&C as my body can't seem to tell that it's not pregnant and just keeps on going. But I will let all of you know on the 24th.. My girls have an appointment on the 22nd so maybe they will try and hear the heart beat. Heres hoping.

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Congratulations Samantha, lots of sticky bean vibes your way!!

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Samantha!!! Congrats fellow November 2011 momma! Hopefully this little bean will be super sticky for you! Kup...