He's here!

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He's here!

Gavin lee was born on Labor Day-- 9/2/13--5 days overdue!!! He was 9 lb 15 oz and 21.5 inches long. Mw thinks he maybe was 10 lb but had skin to skin before weighing him & had BM first:)
Very glad I opted for an epidural this time-much better experience. I did tear again along the same lines as last time as both shoulders tried coming out at the same time, but only a 2nd degree tear this time.
Were both doing well. He's a sleepy boy so very weird for me to have to wake him up to feed. I actually feel restrd sfter last night!! Seems to be catching on tobreastfeeding now!
my mom is here helping yet but soon will be on our own with the three kids & know it will be very busy!!

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Welcome to the world Gavin Lee!!
Glad you are both doing well!!
Looking forward to pictures xxxx

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Congrats!! I haven't given birth yet but this will be baby number three for me as well. Can't wait to see pics!!

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Congrats!! Wow, almost 10 pounds!! I think Annabeth is around 8.5 now, and I can't imagine her being born this size. I hope all goes well for you with 3! Things are getting crazier here everyday!!