Hi all :)

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Hi all :)

My name is Jenny, and my DH and I have been ttc # 3 since June. I had a bfp two cycles ago and it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. I thought for sure we would have gotten pregnant last month but didn't (I chart, and was using opks) was sure on all signs just didn't catch the eggy I guess. I am trying to be more relaxed and just let things happen this month bc I am afraid stressing over trying is making me nuts lol. All of the trying and not getting pregnant is starting to make me loose hope and question myself if we are meant to have #3.

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Sorry to hear about the chemical and it not happening last month. I hope this is your month and you get to stay.

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Welcome Smile I hope that this is your month! I understand the stresses of TTC after a loss and how it really makes you question your efforts. Have you checked out the TTCAL board? I've found it helpful chatting with other ladies who have been through the same thing.

Good luck this month, I hope you get your BFP!

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Good luck to you Smile

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:goodluck: I hope this moth is it for you! I also tend to obsess and think about it all the time. I totally understand how it can stress you out! ((BIGHUGS))