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    Default holiday here :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow ladies of the US

    What is everyone doing for the holiday and the weekend?
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    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    My parents and my in-laws both have dinners that my husband and I go to. Thanksgiving night is when we turn all of our outside Christmas lights on and then this weekend we will start decorating inside the house. How about you?

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    We're doing the same thing we do every year my whole life. We wake up, eat pumpkin pie for breakfast, watch the parade, go to my mom's and eat dinner mid afternoon, then watch the dog show, It's a Wonderful Life & Home for the Holidays (best T-day movie ever!) while being thankful for each other, sharing memories, etc. We have many of our Christmas decorations up already. The holidays are blended a bit for us.
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    Well, DH had a meeting that went late (wonderful) so we are about to hit the road with all the crazies! Can't wait! Usually a 4 hour drive but my guess is it will end up being a 6-8 hour drive! I wanted to leave earlier but DH's work scheduled an audit for today! Who's bright idea was that! Obviously someone who doesn't have to drive! Well, wish us luck! Tomorrow its food, food, food, and family! I love the holidays!
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    I started work at 6 am and dont get off til 130 am. So I am going to sleep in. Lol. Then I am going to test agan in the morning. Hehe. Then off to MIL's house to help cook some food. Hope the kids enjoy the Christmas movies this year. When is the parade on?

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    Happy thanksgiving to you all!!

    I'm currently at my in-laws making my famous sour cream pound cake.. And my dh makes homemade apple pies.. Then we'll go home tonight and come back tomorrow where I will help finish cooking dinner.. Watch football, this game is going to be great because the house is divided down the middle with Redskin and Cowboy fans..

    If I have a BFP tomorrow I don't know how I'm going to hide it... Everyone knows I drink and soon as I don't they're going to look at me crazy.. I could get some and put it in the cup and pretend like I'm drinking it.. Then swap it with juice?? Lol
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    No holiday here, but it is Friday so tomorrow is the weekend. We are driving up to my Mum's tonight when hubby finishes work so should get there by midnight and I am getting new glasses, looking at more kitchen stuff. Sunday will likely be housework and i have Mondays off so DS and I will out the Christmas tree up even though it's a day earlier than usual, we always do it n the twenty seventh which was my grandfather's birthday and he passed away in August. Maybe I'll get a bfp on his birthday.


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