How is everyone?

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How is everyone?

Hi ladies

Be great to get an update from you all.
And maybe a picture of your lo?
We are great.
Ed is on 260ml of milk 4 times a day.
Sleeps from around 1800 to normally 630 or 700 am and naps a big nap after his first feed and then is awake most if the day besides some cat naps.
He is such a happy little boy. His laugh is infectious and bring me and mil to tears.
He is so talkative... In the morning when he wakes he just babbles and gets louder and louder until you know he is saying hoi get up and love me!!!!
His favourite 'expression' seems to be aaahhhhhbooooo said over and over whole blowing bubbles.
He is trying so hard to roll over and sit up and stand all at the same time!!
His legs are so strong that he seems to stand all by himself other than holding my hands to support himself.
So strange.
We are starting to wean him on Tuesday at 17 weeks.
We went out and got all the weaning kit today.
I am so excited!! He just stares and stares as I eat.. It's quite uncomfy!!
I have a feeling he will love his food!!!
Tomorrow myself and the in laws are taking him to have a sleigh ride to meet Santa... Just cannot wait for that!!!
I am dressing him as a reindeer!
Photos to come!!

Anyway... Here is the latest picture of my sweetie in a cute onsie that one of my friends I made on here sent me from Canada.

And this is him just being very cute Smile