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    Im overly tired. Im more hungry actually some parts of the day. Dh doesnt know yet he did ask me why im so tired lately lol... told him its our children busy busy busy from when i get back from work till after 10 ..... not sure when i'll tell him.. for now its a secret amongts this board ....
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    I am 7 dpo and feeling real queezy and I have a migraine. My breasts hurt for 2 days and now they are better. Ugh I hate not knowing!

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    Feeling pretty good here @ 7weeks (EDD is August 1 but as this is our first I'm guessing it'll be later than that before baby arrives )... have the sore breasts, esp in the mornings so I've started wearing a soft bra to bed for support and that seems to help..
    Have had some mild cramps still off and on this past week..
    If I don't eat regularly I start feeling icky and food smells and looks horrible til I actually start eating.
    I get tired more easily, and am especially wiped out on the days I go to my exercise class (per midwife's approval)..
    But I'll take it all!! It lets me know things are happening...

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