How is everyone feeling?

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How is everyone feeling?

How is everyone feeling, and what are your symptoms?

With my other two pregnancies I had boob soreness, some cramping, and very mild nausea.

This time I'm REALLY nauseaus, I have REALLY sore boobs, and occasional cramping. I'm only 5ish weeks, so I expect that the next 5 weeks are going to feel really long!

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My nausea was the worst around 5 weeks but has gotten better. Now I am tired and forgetful and getting sore boobs.

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I seem to be getting a little more nausea each day and for the past two days did vomit. I am so tired, but my boobs are no longer sore. This seems to be the same pattern I had with my other pregnancies. I seem to be having less cramping this time around, maybe I am already stretched out? Haha!

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"SouthernMom" wrote:

My nausea was the worst around 5 weeks but has gotten better. Now I am tired and forgetful and getting sore boobs.

I so hope that it will peak and not get worse!

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With my first I had sore boobs and was tired, thats it. This time i've got the sore boobs, tired, nausea, weird cravings and my hips seem to hurt. But I'll take it all! HH9M to all of us!

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I'm nauseous which I'm thankful for though it may sound odd lol but if I wasn't I'd worry even more. I've been taking phenergen every 8 hrs for a week or so now and it allows me to eat (w/o it I can't even smell food let alone have any desire to consume it). My boobs are quite sore and have grown already. My head hurts all the time petty much (very normal pg symptom for me). I'm peeing constantly, super tired, but still have insomnia, crampy off and on as well.

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I'm 6 weeks and 4 days today. No real nausea but just off and on mild queasy feeling, and most of the time nothing sounds good to eat. Oddly enough, one thing I've wanted quite a bit of is fruit. I'm not a big fruit person and have to make myself eat it, usually. But so far I've found myself chowing down on grapefruits, pineapple, and pears.

I'm really super tired. All the time. No cramping at all. This is my third, like a pp said maybe my uterus is already stretched out! Lol. Boobs are tender, and actually hurt off and on. I'm bloated and feel fat and gross.

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Less nauseous yesterday and so far today. Of course this then makes me worry! Apparently being nauseous is annoying, but not being nauseous is worrisome. I just can't win! Smile

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No nausea here yet, but I didn't have it till about 6 weeks with my first, and not at all with my second. Sore boobs, tired, tired, and tired. Smile

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I am really tired and some cramps but no nausea yet (knock on wood).

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Im overly tired. Im more hungry actually some parts of the day. Dh doesnt know yet Smile he did ask me why im so tired lately lol... told him its our children busy busy busy from when i get back from work till after 10 ..... not sure when i'll tell him.. for now its a secret amongts this board ....

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I am 7 dpo and feeling real queezy and I have a migraine. My breasts hurt for 2 days and now they are better. Ugh I hate not knowing!

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Feeling pretty good here @ 7weeks (EDD is August 1 but as this is our first I'm guessing it'll be later than that before baby arrives Smile )... have the sore breasts, esp in the mornings so I've started wearing a soft bra to bed for support and that seems to help..
Have had some mild cramps still off and on this past week..
If I don't eat regularly I start feeling icky and food smells and looks horrible til I actually start eating.
I get tired more easily, and am especially wiped out on the days I go to my exercise class (per midwife's approval)..
But I'll take it all!! Smile It lets me know things are happening... Smile