How is everyone feeling?

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How is everyone feeling?

New moms, how is it going?

Moms to be... how are you keeping yourself occupied while you wait, and do you have any signs of labor approaching?

I'm feeling more pressure and some cramps, but nothing consistent. I'm so ready to meet this baby, find out if it is a boy or a girl and move on from pregnancy. Pregnancy would be easy for me if it wasn't for the GD, but I'm ready to eat like a normal human, and not have multiple appointments a week!

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I am sooo tired of waiting. Ready for my little girl to be here. Nothing happening yet, just a few contractions, nothing regular. Everything is ready. Last Thursday when the dr checked me I was "MAYBE" a one.

Im hoping the contractions are helping. Next apt is on Friday.

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I haven't been checked since my GBS test. At that time I was 36 weeks and just beginning to soften. The MWs don't typically check unless you're in labor. The doctors wanted the MWS to check two weeks ago, but so far they haven't. I'm curious to know where I stand, but it really doesn't mean much. With my first I wasn't dilated much when I went into labor. With my second I dilated early and walked around at 4cm for a long time before labor kicked in.

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Need to update my tickets really huh?
Want yo make a nice one but have no idea how!

I am good!!
Gradually mastering breast feeding!!
Although night feeds are a mixture of formula and breast milk just so he will sleep away from me.
It's only one or maybe 2 feeds... Come 6 am he's back on the breast.
I am suffering from milk sweats quite badly so having a hot baby on me all night just isn't practical.

He is suffering from slight jaundice too but midwife says they give it 2 weeks to sort itself so hopefully!!!
He is 5.5 lb now... Which is fine for a weight drop in the first week.
Means all his clothes are way too big lol
He looks so cute though.

In laws are totally smitten!!!
Have been inundated with visitors... Calls messages and presents.. It's crazy!!!
Even a page on Facebook about the village asked about me which was so nice!!
Felt like a celeb lol

My c section seems to be healing well... Walking faster and upright now.
Mind you I have been out walking since day 3.
I feel great and in love!! And m is mostly great although is sick of helping now so I am sending him back to work to stop the moaning.
He will still have to do anything heavy and the cooking but I'll do the rest... Not like I stopped really.
Been told to stop with Facebook photos of Ed now too... So I will chill in it for a bit!!

So basically... I love my son!! Although he is going to ruin my boobs!!!! Lol

Good luck ladies!!!!!
Can't wait to 'meet' your lo's!!

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Still pregnant!!!! have an appt tomorrow. Had u/s on monday for fetal size so cant wait to hear the results tomorrow.. hopeing friday will be my last day of work , i need days off to clean clean clean!!!!!! No contractions yet just feeling huge!!!

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We are doing well. Yesterday was a rough day, had engorgement issues and had to get a pump but now I am waiting on the proper size shields for it. It felt like all I did yesterday was hold Annabeth and feed her and deal with breastfeeding issues. But, I m proud to say she has not had a drop of formula and is almost a week old! My others had to be supplemented from the start, this is just a personal goal I set. I have absolutely nothing against formula/supplementing .

She is having wet and dirty diapers and seems to be gaining, so I think we are headed in the right direction.

I am doing well recovering from th surgery, just taking ibuprofen on schedule. Feels strange to sleep on my side though, like a pulling sensation. I am so ready to be cleared to drive though, I hate having to be a passenger in my van. I am the one who normally drives us everywhere.

I can't wait to see all of our babies born!! Good luck and have a safe delivery to all of you still waiting.