How many people are here?

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How many people are here?

So how many people are due in August? Please introduce yourself with your due date. I have a hard time staying awake in order to keep up with the longer threads. Wink

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I'm Tiffany (just turned 36 eek). I think I'm due August 5th by ovulation date but if my MW goes by LMP I'm due a few days earlier. It will depend on my u/s next Thursday (less than a week away hooray)! I have 6 kids at home and have had 3 losses in the past (the last one this past April) so expect me to be overwrought w/ anxiety most of the time.

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I'm here, as of today. I'm four days late so I tested and the line was faint, but definitely there. EDD is August 23, this will be baby number 5 for me.

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I just realized that I posted, but didn't introduce myself! I'm 31, and this will be my third child. I have an appointment next Thursday and when I talked to the nurse yesterday she went by my LMP and I am due August 8th. When I go by ovulation I am due August 15th, so who knows where I actually am!

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I am here, due August 6 by LMP. We were not trying so no clue on ovulation. I am 36 so a bit worried on that count. I am really happy to be having a summer baby this time! This will be our third. I am not going to the doctor until after the holidays.

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I'm here. Due Aug 12 according to ovulation. This is my 2nd and I am 31. HH9M to everyone!

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Also here. Due August 21st according to FF.

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:lurk: Total lurker...

I just wanted to say big congratulations to all of you ladies! I hope everything goes perfectly for all of you Smile

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I'm 31 and this will be our second. According to LMP I'm due August 27th, but I think I O'd later so we'll see. My first U/S is scheduled for January 7th!

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I'm here. I'm 34, and this will be my second (and last!!!). Based on my O date, I should be due August 26th. I have a dating ultrasound January 16th, so I'll update my signature with whatever due date I'm given then.

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Hi there! My name is Kelly and I am 33 years old and this will be my 3rd child Smile I have a 4, almost 5 year old daughter, and a 3 year old son. I am pretty sure I conceived on Nov 26th so my due date is Aug 19th but we shall see for sure at my first ultrasound in 2 weeks! I am soo darn excited!

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I'm Beth (34). This is #3 for us. DS Kelly will be 3 next month and DD Kennedy turned 1 in Oct. I haven't scheduled an appointment yet, but I am working on that today! Just by LMP, my EDD is Aug. 4. :woohoo:

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Shoot, I guess I didn't answer all the questions! I'm 30. This will be #3. First appointment is January 15th, which will include a scan.

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Hey my name is Jennifer. Im 25. I have 5 Awesome kids 6,5,3,1 1/2, 8 months. Im due around 8-13 based on lmp. I have 4 girls and 1 boy, Hope for a boy this time because out numberd by my girls lol. Haven't told dh yet but im sure sooon he'll be askin questions. Waitin to make a dr's appt until sometime beg of next year.

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I am here too! I am 32 years old and this will be baby #3 for us. I am due August 15th....I think. My first appointment is not until January 15th.

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This is my first time checking out this board as I just got my BFP yesterday Smile
My name is Dawn, 32. By LMP my EDD is 8/28/13. This will be baby #3 for us. DD will turn 6 soon and DS just turned 2. I'm excited and apprehensive for this pregnancy since my DD was a preemie, born at 26 weeks 5 days. With some work (bedrest, cervical lengths, medications, etc) DS was born 4 days overdue Smile I'm hoping for a repeat of that - would SO rather be overdue than have a preemie again.
I talked to my midwife on the phone today and she said I can make an appt anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on how I'm feeling. If I want a "refresher" or questions answered, I can go at 6 wks otherwise wait until closer to 12 weeks to hear the heartbeat. DH & I will think about it over the holidays Smile
Nice to meet everyone!

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Welcome Dawn! You don't see many Dawn's around that's my mom's name Smile

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Hi everyone! I'll be 35 next month. I have two boys, 6 (7 in Feb) and 4. FF says my due date is 8/27. Going by LMP would be 8/22.

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Hello! Smile Liss here - I just turned 26 and found out 2 days before Thanksgiving that DH and I are expecting baby #1 after nearly 5 years of TTC.
EDD is August 1 according to LMP, probably August 2 by O date, but not really pinning any hopes on that date - I'm prepared for anywhere within the first 2 weeks of August. Wink
I'm excited to see so many here and looking forward to getting to know you. Smile

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My name is Heather. I'm 28 and will be 7 weeks tomorrow. This is my first baby! EDD is August 17th. Man am I tired! I have been throwing up all day and not sure if it's morning sickness or if I caught a bug. This should be a fun pregnancy Smile


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I turned 28 a week ago. I have two sons, ages 3.5 and not-quite-2. I'm due August 5th according to ovulation (I don't go by LMP because I ovulate late). So that makes me 8 weeks and some change! My first appointment isn't until January 9th... so coming up. I'm crossing my fingers we'll be able to hear the heartbeat!