How are we all doing?

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How are we all doing?

We're all down to single weeks I think.
I know they want to bring ninja early so I have about 7 weeks left!!!
Feeling okay but so ready for maternity leave!
9 working days including today!!!!!

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Yay for maternity leave!!

I am a full time mom so actually have extra work now that school is out for the summer. I think things are improving after the first week. I have figured out more of a schedule and I have the boys doing age appropriate chores to earn their screen time. The fighting between them that first week was unbearable!

Are our (two?) teachers on summer break yet? If not I bet you are ready to be!

Growth scan tomorrow, thoughts and prayers appreciated! I have small babies, one was IUGR so that is the reason for keeping tabs on her growth.

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The first week or two when I'm home with my kids full time is always such an adjustment. Usually once we figure out the schedule, and get used to be around each other full time again it gets better.

I'm finishing up the school year, as of next Thursday I will be free! I'm doing well and hanging in there, but starting to gradually feel more uncomfortable. Bending over is almost out of the question at this point. Smile

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Stephanie.... Good luck with the growth scan.
I have one next Tuesday!!
With the opposite problem... He's a biggy and I am not lol

Bending over!!!! Hahahaha!!! I so feel you!!!
It's so uncomfortable to do that!!