How we are telling

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How we are telling

My mil is really into scrapbooking. So I made her this page:
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With my mom I made her a desktop calendar and on August it has Big Sister on it. The other months just have regular pics of dd.

They will get these as Christmas gifts. How about the rest of you?

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Although I can't see your image, that sounds like a great idea! I have no idea what we are doing yet. Smile

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What a fun and creative idea!! Smile (I had to click on the pic to see it - you have a little cutie there, too Smile )
Most of our family has already been told.. our church family back home will probably get a general announcement when we're back for the holidays... pretty boring here with just phone calls and the like Smile

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We're not telling the public at large for some time until I'm into my 2nd tri and passed the time I lost Noah. When we do tell it won't be anything special though we are boring. We haven't told the kids yet either prolly wait until 12 wks to do that.

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Great idea! How do you tell family when you don't think they will be supportive? We are definetly waiting a while but I am soo nervous of how they will react. I know they will ask lots of questions and especially because they don't know that I got my IUD removed a few months ago. Thankfully I have told some close friends and they are very supportive!

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I think as long as your family knows up front that you and your husband are both united in your joy and excitement over your pregnancy, it helps keep some of the negativity or other concerns at bay. Be strong and confident in your enthusiasm and hopefully they will come around.. Smile